10 months to a child you will have a child!

The child is 10 months old

10 months to a child! There is still very little time, and the first significant holiday in the life of the baby will come – he will be 1 year old. But this is still in the future. And what can a child at 10 months old? What indicators in mental and physical development should approach the baby to a new age line in his life? Read further on our site you will have a child.

Which changes?

At 10 months of life, the child adds even more in growth and weight. The average weight of boys is 9650 grams, and height is 73 centimeters. Girls, in turn, weigh 8550 grams, and their growth is 71 centimeters.

At this age, hand movements are improving. So, the baby can simultaneously hold up to three small items in his hands. This action is quite complicated, so it does not always work out the first time. There are several targeted attempts that will certainly end with a positive result.

A more complex action is to turn the pages of a book or magazines. Here, the child needs to perform several consecutive actions: capture of the page with fingers and its turning by moving the wrist. Gradually, the baby takes possession of this skill.

If earlier the seizure of objects by the child was mainly automatic, as a result of which it was difficult for him to weaken his fingers, now he can release the object from his hands, throwing or laying it.

At this age period, the child learns to get up independently, holding on to the support. Previously, the hands of an adult were as a support, and now stable interior items can play this role. Another important movement is the ability to actively walk with the help of an adult holding it by the hands. Movement in space in an upright position brings great joy for the baby. After all, he can go to where he wants. Get the objects that attracted him so much, but were outside the reach.

It does not stand still and the development of the senses of the child:

When the baby holds objects, he tries to consider them, feel, lick them. Carefully examining them, he isolated their characteristic properties. The child constantly listens to the sounds of the environment and tries to catch those that are especially important for him: the voice of mom, music, etc. D. Along with this, he can distinguish many different sounds, as well as determine familiar and unfamiliar sounds.

The period of babble still continues in speech development. However, the baby can already, having pronounced various sounds, address them to specific people or situations. In addition, the babble manifestations of the child differ in the intonation with which he pronounces them, and the actual speech remind them.

Now the baby can recognize his name. He can react in different ways to him: smile, try to repeat, look at you, etc. D.

Help of parents in development

In order to improve your movements, use various developing toys such as “mailbox” (pushing figures into slots), “pyramid”, “nesting”, etc.

Train the baby in the ability to walk, holding on to your hands. To do this, put the child in a convenient position. Stand in front of him and take his hands. Start tighten the child a little by the hands, stimulating him to take steps. After several such attempts, the child will understand what joy the movement brings, and at every opportunity it will try to fulfill it.

Almost all children in this age period like to consider illustrations in books. They really like to point to the heroes, carefully consider them, and most importantly – turn over pages. Since the movements of children are still awkward and not quite accurate, buy books with hard and thick pages for them. Such pages are easier to capture and turn over. Ordinary thin pages can be very quickly bitten and crushed by the baby.

To develop the child’s ability to get up independently and stand, often put him near the support. Remove your hands, let him hold himself. For example, put the baby at the sofa on which place a bright toy. To get it, the baby needs to rise. If the baby cannot lift himself, help him. Then give him the opportunity to play with the toy while in an upright position.

For the development of the organs of the feelings of the child and the knowledge of surrounding objects, offer him to study different in color, shape, size and texture of the toy. Pay the baby’s attention to the difference between them, giving a speech characteristic, for example, the ball is large and small, the cube is green and red, etc. D.

Give your child the opportunity to know the voices of animals, the sounds of nature. To do this, you can purchase special developing books and toys, when you press various buttons of which different music sounds, animals speak, birds sing. In addition, you can buy disks with the sounds of nature. The child will definitely like the sound of rain, rustle of leaves and other natural sounds.

It is necessary to support all the baby’s attempts to “talk” to you. Talk to your child, do not leave his speech manifestations unattended. You need to try to guess what the child wants to tell you. Over time, his speech will become more and more clear and understandable to you.

Call a child by name more often. Of course, the “cat”, “bunny”, “bead” and other affectionate words show your love for the baby, but it is still better that he gets used to his name, which you call him.

10 months to a child! Perhaps it seems to you that he is already quite independent and does not need the manifestation of feelings in relation to him, as it was previously. But this is not at all like! Hug and kiss the baby at least ten times a day. This is the so -called “dose” of love that will allow the baby to feel happy and confident.