5 effective ways to attract more money

one. Engage in your self -development

Try to read more literature, never forget about your thoughts that can attract not only joy, but also suffering, pay attention to your hobbies. Speaking about literature, try to read only verified books that good friends advised you, if there is no one to advise, you can use the rule of the first 50 pages that you need to read only the book that interests you from reading 50 pages, If the book could not interest you, then you should not read further

2. Thank the world around you for having what you already have

You have some kind of work that allows you to live, if not as you want, then at least not die hunger, many people do not have. You are a happy owner of two hands, legs and head on your shoulders, which is already good, because there are a lot of people in the world who cannot boast of this. You have no deadly diseases, so why are you dissatisfied with something? Start thanks to the world for the fact that everything is fine with you.

3. Expand the circle of communication

Try to get acquainted with the maximum number of people, preferably with those that you can teach you something new or share some valuable information. Those who constantly whine or show negative feelings in relation to the world around them to go around the tenth road, such personalities do not carry anything good for you, simply speaking, they take your energy, which is not only vital power, but also luck. If you do not want to be a loser, try to avoid such people. It is worth noting that in order to begin to expand the circle of your communication, you must first think about whether you need friends who carry only negative aspects to your life. Replace them with more positive individuals.

four. Do the fact that you like

You can do your favorite business for days on end and from this you will absolutely not get tired, only this method can be achieved in life. If your occupation brings you only one disappointment, and you work only because you get a minimum payment for existence, then it is better to get rid of such work and as soon as possible. Choose a lesson that you will love completely and never fail. Start changing your fate.

5. Try to give more than you took

Bring at least something to this world, do not exploit it-the main law of life. If you took something, then you need to share this a little with others who do not even have this, and it will return to you doubly. Many people ignore this very simple law, and then they have a lot of troubles in their lives. Share do not take everything yourself.