7 ways to put a child to sleep

We lay the child to sleep

Of course, most parents are familiar with the situation when the baby is not ready for night sleep: either he plays too actively or caprices and exhausts all households. The main thing is not to despair and be patient!

Several methods how to put a baby to sleep correctly.

one.Try to lie down with your child. Of course, it does not always work out to lie down, but you can sit with the baby. The child should feel that he is safe, that one of the adults is nearby. When the baby calms down and gets used to the darkness, you can wish him pleasant dreams and leave the room.

2. To leave the children’s room immediately, they put the baby in the bed. There is hardness and calmness here. Your actions should be as follows – put the child in the bed, kiss him and wish him good night, and then leave the room, not forgetting to close the door. You need to get out with a confident step to make it clear to the baby that you are decisively tuned. If you went out, confidently closing the door behind you, then the child will understand that the resistance is useless. Otherwise, he will begin to be capricious, your “battle” will be lost, the child will come out the winner from the current situation.

3. A completely different way than the previous one – preparing a child for sleep. She can include songs, storytelling of fairy tales. When a child with mom or dad is comfortable, he relaxes and falls asleep. If the child is still small, then do not forget to shake him in his hands, singing a lullaby. Know that you need to choose a song or fairy tale with a happy ending.

four. Not a single mentioned way is suitable? Nothing helps? Then you need to prepare a child for sleep more carefully. Preparation should begin in the evening. At the same time, there should be a certain ritual that would tune the child to sleep. Ребенок должен знать, что после этого ритуала ему придется лечь в кровать и закрыть глазки. Можно почитать интересную книгу, поиграть с малышом (в спокойную игру), принять ванну с успокаивающими травками.

Если ребенок постарше, то его нужно попросить умыться и почистить зубки. После этого, малыш должен пойти и лечь в свою кроватку. Родитель не должен сбивать график – ритуал должен всегда выполняться в одно и тоже время. Конечно, сработает этот метод не сразу, нужно время, но результат гарантирован.

5. Попробуйте уговорить ребенка полежать в кровати, при этом, пообещайте ему вернуться, например, через 10 минут. Не обманывайте ребенка, вернитесь через 10 минут и уделите малышу внимание. Если ребенок не спит, то погладьте его по голове или поцелуйте. Этот способ хорош тем, что малыш, ожидая Вас, не плачет, а ждет, что Вы вот-вот вернетесь. Зайдя один раз, пообещайте вернуться второй. Do this so many times until the baby falls asleep. You will see, soon you will have to return only once.

6. Little concessions, sometimes, work better than all the methods taken together. What concessions can the parent go? First of all, these are concessions associated with light in the room or with an open door. Some kids beg their parents not to close the door or turn off the light. Remember that children’s fears are not a myth, so try to leave the light in the room or leave the door of his room ajar. So the child will be calmer, he will gradually get used to it and the need in the light will no longer be.

7. The last way is a way for those parents who are strong in spirit. So, laying the child, leave the room despite crying or tears. You need to go in for no earlier than 5 minutes. Go and calmly say that it’s time to sleep, you can kiss the child or stroke. Having done these procedures, go out again, you need to go in only after 10 minutes. So, the time period will increase and increase. The result will not be achieved immediately, but still, you can get something. The main thing here is patience.

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