9 months to a child you will have a child!

Here is 9 months to a child! How did it change for this short, but very dynamic time. What new changes can he please parents at this stage of his development? What needs to be done so that the development of a nine -month -old baby corresponds to the norm? About this and not only you will learn further on the site you will have a child.

What are the changes in the development of the child of the 9th month of life?

During this time, the baby gained even more in growth and weight. The approximate weight of a nine -month -old child is 8500 – 9200 grams, and height is 70 – 72 centimeters. We want to pay attention to the fact that girls in height and weight are less than boys. Therefore, the lower boundaries of these indicators relate mainly to girls, and the upper ones to boys.

If you carefully look at the movements of the baby’s hands with objects, you will see how coordinated they are, and chains are also accurate. If the baby has captured something, it is quite difficult for him to take it away. At least remember how he can capture a strand of hair. It happens that she remains in a clamped child’s fist.

The kid at 9 months is confidently sitting, gets up and moving, holding on to the support. A new step for him is to master the ability to sits out of a vertical position. The kid still cannot control his body so as not to fall. Therefore, quite painful falls occur.

At this age, the child may feel discomfort from a wet diaper, but at the same time, he is still small to ask for a pot.

If earlier the child has known the surrounding objects mainly with his mouth, now he carefully examines them and feels them. This is a new stage in the development of oriented skills to familiarize yourself with the outside world.

The kid continues to know his own body. Can show different parts of his body, uses them for its intended purpose: it takes with his hands, stomping with legs, etc. D. But sometimes it seems that he does not understand where his body ends, and where is the rest of the space. For example, he can take his leg in his hands, and then put her in his mouth.

In the speech development of the child, the correlation of individual sounds and syllables with specific actions and objects is noted. So, for example, the baby smears to pronounce the “bang” at the time of the fall of the object, repeat “Ma-ma-ma”, attracting the attention of mom, etc. D.

At nine months, the child is already able to consciously copy the actions and sounds of various people, especially other children. You can notice how the baby repeats the gestures, intonation, sounds behind you.

If you were attentive to your baby, you could replace how he starts to cry when he hears the dogs or restlessly move his hands and legs at the time of turning on the vacuum cleaner. This is the so -called Moro Reflex, which gradually, as a result of the child’s understanding that these sounds do not harm him, begins to disappear. As a result of which the baby is already less afraid of sounds that caused him fear.

When the baby is watching you during the day, he notices your facial expression and mood. Naturally, he copies you. The brighter you show various emotions, the more sensitive the child is. If you laugh and smile, the baby will want to do the same. If you are upset and angry, the child will copy these negative emotions.

At about this age, the child can show fear when he is left alone. This is normal, since the baby begins to understand that at that moment he is excommunicated from those people who are dear to him. This state of the child can be attributed to the emergence of self -awareness.

9 months to a child. What help should be given to parents?

To develop fine motor skills of the fingers, visual control over your hands, provide the child with the opportunity to play with various objects that differ from each other in certain characteristics. For example, let the baby play with large and small cubes, a rope and braid, an inflatable ball and a ball, etc. D. In the process of manipulating with these objects, the child learns their properties, accumulates ideas about them.

Provide the baby in mastering him the ability to sit down from a vertical position. For this purpose, it is necessary to slightly hold the baby by the hands and slowly move him down. So that the child does not hurt at the time of landing, you can put something soft. As you exercise the baby in the ability, his actions will become quite confident, and lowering to the floor will be more smooth and accurate.

In order to form reliable ideas in the baby about what parts his body consists of, you should play with him in various games. For example, consider body parts in the mirror; finds the same parts of the body in an adult, child, dolls; offer to perform elementary instructions (patting with a handle, sink with a leg, etc.).

So that the child has more and more associations between the sounds and syllables that he pronounces, with people, objects and actions, repeat these sounds-words after him, attach them to a specific situation or object. In addition, call them as the rules of the Russian language require. Only when the baby will hear the correct speech, he will accumulate first a passive and then active dictionary.

In order for the baby to master socially acceptable behavior, he needs to see and imitate adults. Show the baby the main actions, for example, how to pour water into a cup, how to clap your hands, how to eat from a spoon. It is at this age that the baby begins to actively copy you. Let’s and he is feasible tasks. It’s okay if it spills water or gets dirty during an independent meal.

When reading fairy tales with the baby, pay attention to the emotional state of the heroes, show them on yourself. For example, grandfather and grandfather are glad that the chicken demolished the golden testicle for them, the cunning fox wants to eat Kolobok, etc.

So, 9 months old child! This is already quite independent, but at the same time a dependent man. Take care of him, develop it. Nothing happens on its own. So that the baby is healthy, smart, physically strong, it is necessary to make a lot of effort.