Alien relatives. Apparently so the stars lay down.

My personal life, despite the fact that I had three official marriages, did not work out. There are no more children. And my son does not need me. In the days of the so -called family celebrations, when we get together, I am very lonely next to them.

I was a good mother. There were many reasons for that. Early unsuccessful marriage, studying at the institute’s day department, a small salary of a young specialist, a long search for a good husband and father for a child. All this, I admit, a considerable segment of my life, my son, who was born early, lived with my parents. He was the first grandson with them, and my father just did not dull souls in him.

With the birth of Seryozha, my dad, the once avid guellar, who loved business trips and long departures from home, radically changed his lifestyle, turning into an exemplary husband, father and grandfather. A happy time has come for my mother when she could without a hassle, due to her husband’s eternal absence, calmly and fruitfully conduct housekeeping, to educate her grandson and with rapture to live two of her beloved men – Sergei Bolshoi and Sergey Little.

I was not yet twenty at that time, I was a diluted student who, although she had a child, was quite free. This situation suited me quite. I studied and had fun to the fullest. My parents encouraged me in this, if only I would not interfere with their family well -being, especially since I lived in a separate room of the communal apartment I got from my grandmother. I then saw my son no more than once a week, not counting the time when I went on vacation or to a student construction detachment.

From the editorial office of the site. Sometimes you read such stories and wonder what fossils pursues people. And you ask involuntarily a question – why? And the answers are different. It happens that it is real “Stars are not so to go to go”. Like this? Read more here, they will help to decide in advance where it is worth it more often or less likely to be. Where to work, relax, spend time. And in what places it would be useful to correction of adverse flying stars.

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When Seryozha was six years old, and I already worked, a mother’s feeling suddenly woke up in me. I decided to take my son to my place, because it was necessary to prepare him for school. But as soon as I hinted at my parents about it, they immediately waved their hands on me: it would not happen to this! They insisted that the boy live with them and, under their supervision, went to school.

So the years passed. We were more and more moved with our son. I had no authority. He met me without much joy, escorted me without much sadness.

About seven years, the boy began to get along. Tasty grandmother’s pies were affected, which were baked for him at his first request and in large numbers. My anxiety about this caused indignation from my father. “Follow it,” he usually threw it back to me, “and we know without you what is good and what is bad”.

Father himself never sorted out in weight, until his death had an excellent physical shape, because he never overeated: even though the “gold” piece is laid, he will not touch it if he feels fed up. But the grandson of the old people endlessly stuffed something tasty, as if they did not see at all that he was turning into a fat man. And I could not do anything about it.

When Seryozha was a teenager, he simply did not listen to my comments, and then, like my parents, immediately plugged my mouth. As a result, he had a whole complex of diseases in which he subsequently began to blame me only.

Now my father is not alive, my son himself became the father of two daughters. He took my old mother into his family, now she is also selflessly busy with great -granddaughters. But I still have no place next to them.

My son has eternal claims to me: I did not give him either, and that. Granddaughters are cold to me. Brideless – just a stranger. I understand that she is guilty of what is happening. It turned out, like in the famous fable of Krylov with a dragonfly: Summer Single Sang…

And from all this I make only one conclusion: no matter how difficult it is, no matter how hard life is, you can never shift your responsibilities to someone’s shoulders. Especially when it is a holy maternal duty.

Tatyana Safonova

From letters to the magazine “Social Protection”