All about car registration

Registration of a car in the MREO traffic police has become much faster and easier. For registration, the previous owner does not need to remove the vehicle from the register. Also, there is no longer a need for transit numbers and registration of a sales contract with a lawyer.

Car registration steps

one. Before drawing up a contract, you need to check all the documents for the vehicle (PTS, certificate) and check the VIN number under the hood. Papers for the car must be genuine (not photocopies). Then you need to check the car number through the service of the official traffic police portal – gibdd. In the “Service” section, select the “Vehicle Check” tab and enter the VIN number, body or chassis number. Then you should click on the button “Check restrictions”. The site checks cars for search, for a ban on registration actions by banks, courts, bailiffs, customs authorities and other authorities that have the right to do so under the laws of the Russian Federation. You need to pay attention to the TCP – it should have a place for the signature of the old owner and for the record of the new one. If this place is not available, the TCP will have to be changed together with the previous owner, and the state fee must be paid (in 2016, 1650 rubles).

2. The Seller is required to have a passport of a citizen of Russia, a Vehicle Passport (PTS), a vehicle registration certificate. The Buyer must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is possible to purchase an OSAGO policy for a year or 15 days without a diagnostic card. It is not necessary to immediately purchase an insurance policy. There is no clear law on this matter, but there is a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated 17.04.2012 N AKPI12-205, which explains that you can drive without OSAGO for 10 calendar days under a KP agreement.

3. Drawing up a contract of sale. This can be done on your own, or in any company that fills out forms. Be sure to keep a photocopy of the Seller’s passport. If the DCT is compiled by the parties independently, it is necessary to carefully check all the data (numbers, full names, etc.).d.). The contract is drawn up in two (or three) copies, each of which is signed by the Seller and the Buyer.

four. The buyer goes to the traffic police, where they check the numbers on a special observation deck. Usually it is located no further than 200 meters from the building of the traffic police MREO.

5. Buyer pays stamp duty. Usually, a Sberbank branch is located in the traffic police building or next to it. If the registration plates remain the same, the fee is 850 rubles. If the signs change – 2,850 rubles. To transfer your registration plate from one car to another, you need to pay 5,700 rubles.

6. Then the Buyer goes to the MREO, fills out an application and submits a package of documents for the car (DKP, PTS, certificate, passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation), waits for the completion of registration. In order not to wait for a live queue, you can make an appointment with the inspector on the public services portal https:// through your personal account. Vehicle registration is carried out no later than 10 calendar days after registration of the DCT.

Recommendations for filling out documents

• PrEP and application must be completed in blue/black ink only.

• Each letter must be clear (it is recommended to fill in block letters).

• The DCT must indicate in which city it was issued, and on what date.

• The value of the vehicle must be indicated in both words and numbers.

• Signatures of the parties are put only after the transfer of funds to the Seller, and the keys to the vehicle – to the Buyer.

You can register the purchased car at any department of the MREO traffic police throughout the Russian Federation.