Applying for an electronic visa to Russia: conditions and main advantages

An electronic visa for traveling to Russia is a popular option nowadays. You can easily arrange it so that the trip is not problematic. Modern online e visum Russland will be useful to every person. It is necessary to carefully approach its design in order to eliminate complications.

Features of an electronic visa to Russia

In 2023, from August 1, citizens of some countries have the opportunity to enter Russia using an electronic visa system. Previously, it only applied when traveling to Kaliningrad or St. Petersburg. However, this year the government revised the rules, so now an electronic visa allows you to get to anywhere in the country. You can apply for its registration for tourism purposes, as well as in case of participation in events of a scientific, economic, cultural nature.

This is a one-time document that will give you the opportunity to stay in Russia for sixteen days. An open visa is valid for sixty days from the date of issue. The cost of processing the document includes various fees. For children under six years of age, this visa is absolutely free. On average, the registration process takes four days.

To obtain an e-visa, you will need some documents. Among them:

  • a form filled out according to the established template;
  • passport photo;
  • a foreign passport with an unexpired validity period;
  • international medical insurance.

To obtain an e-visa, you will not need invitations, confirmation of hotel reservations, or other documentation confirming the purpose of the trip. But if you are traveling with children, you must obtain a visa for each child separately.

What are the advantages of obtaining an electronic visa on

This portal really has many strengths. Among the most important points are:

  • the visa application will be processed as quickly as possible;
  • all administrative formalities are taken care of by the specialists of this portal;
  • the issued visa and documents will be sent to the person by registered mail;
  • if you have any questions, you can ask them to experienced specialists by contacting them by phone at a time convenient for you.

Contact the portal to complete the document without unnecessary complications. They will definitely find an individual approach to you, so the process will be simple and fast!