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thrush during pregnancy

Thrush (candidiasis) is a fairly common disease found in both women and men, although the latter suffer from this disease much less often. Возбудитель – грибок рода Кандида. В данной статье рассмотрим такой вопрос как молочница во время беременности.

Симптомы молочницы (кандидоза):

one. Зуд и жжение слизистой половых органов

2. Творожистые выделения белого цвета, имеющие при этом довольно специфический кисловатый запах.

Следует знать, что описанные выше симптомы проявляются не только при молочнице, но и при некоторых других инфекционных заболеваниях. Следует в обязательном порядке посетить Вашего лечащего врача и сдать соответствующие анализы.

Молочница во время беременности: причины появления

Почему же у Вас появилась молочница во время беременности? Каковы причины её появления?

Во-первых, спровоцировать кандидоз может снижение иммунной защиты Вашего организма в результате перенесённой инфекции, наличия онкологического заболевания, хронического дисбактериоза или сахарного диабета.

Secondly, mechanical factors, such as: wearing close synthetic linen and tight-fitting jeans, frequent and inept sexual acts.

Thirdly, the aggravation of candidiasis can begin as a result of taking antibiotics, immunosuppressors and corticosteroids, as well as too excessive eating spicy and/or sweet food products.

Fourthly, pregnancy itself is a predisposing factor in the development of thrush, since at this time there is an increase in female hormones in the body, which leads to changes in the microflora of the vagina.

And, finally, fifthly, thrush can be transmitted sexually.

If you still have a thrush…

Thrush treatment during pregnancy

Most drugs during pregnancy are contraindicated, so first of all, give up self -medication! Most likely, the doctor will prescribe a local action to you – it is Clotrimazole and Mikonazole or the drug in a tabletized form – Pimafucin. It is worth noting that Pimafucin is harmless to you and the fetus even in large doses.

As for folk remedies of treatment, they will help you get rid of candidiasis, but, unfortunately, the effect will be short. The most famous methods are washing the mucous membrane of the genital organs with a decoction of oak bark, soda solution, as well as the adoption of baths from calendula.

Treatment of candidiasis should be carried out in combination with a change in lifestyle, diet and regime of the day, as well as with the adoption of a complex of polyvitamins specifically for pregnant women.

Preventive measures! It’s important to know!

If you already had candidiasis, and you are not yet pregnant, but you want this, then plan your pregnancy together with the doctor in the stage of remission of the disease. Carefully follow all the recommendations of your doctor. Do not self -medicate!

Try to eat balanced, excluding too sharp and sweet dishes. Take polyvitamins for pregnant women that the doctor will advise you.

Discuss with your doctor and partner the issue of sex. If your partner is also sick with candidiasis, then sexual intercourse is possible only using a condom.

Also stop wearing tight and synthetic underwear. Now there are a huge selection of beautiful underwear for pregnant women from natural fabrics in stores.

So, it is impossible to get rid of such a disease like a disease as a thrush during pregnancy, but if you follow a diet and recommendations of a doctor, then relapses will bother you less often.