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The famous MAN buses are made by a machine -building modern company from Germany, this is one of the oldest and very famous enterprises in Europe. The plant was built in Nuremberg back back in 1897, only then this plant was called Maschinenenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG, abbreviated as MAN. Now it is the largest and very famous concern, which is engaged in the release of heavy modern trucks, various passenger vehicles, as well as engines for all types of equipment.

Interestingly, this world-famous manufacturer of bus and cargo equipment was previously a manufacturer of the legendary well-known 35 ton tank, which is also called a panther. This was one of the most formidable types of weapons of World War II, such a panther tank began to be seriously produced back in January 1943 before the end of the fighting. And after the end of the war, the plant began to produce exclusively peaceful various products, this is primarily passenger transport, such as a tram, it began to be made only in the middle of the last century.

By the 80s, the plant united with Gutehoffnungshütte Aktienveerein and has become more solid and large, in this form it is represented today, the logo of this plant can be seen on city streets every day. The overall structure of this company has changed significantly, the new modern MAN buses have changed their appearance, which are already sold throughout the planet Earth. A low special floor has become characteristic of urban modern machines, a new turbine powerful engine appeared, which does not pollute the city atmosphere.

The overall outlines of a tourist car have also changed, it received a safer unique body with a fully flat floor, these changes were appreciated by modern experts. The unique Lion’s Coach, an employee for transporting tourists received a number of prestigious unique awards and awards, including Red Dot Award 2003 and if Design Award 2004.

The famous company steadily expands its influence throughout the planet, where the presence of cars of this plant expands rapidly, the dealer network is also actively and rapidly developing. And in 2006, the very first branded modern service station in St. Petersburg was opened in all of Russia. In addition to the personal brand, the plant is also used by such a well -known Neoplan brand, it is under it that most of the passenger modern technology is produced today. Such a technique belongs to the category of premium class and now Neoplan has already become very famous in our country.

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The company’s official dealers offer to buy MAN bus both under this brand and under the NEOPLAN brand. The lineup is quite wide, and the following types are most in demand:

– Lion’s Classic – comfortable and maneuverable machines for intracity routes;

– Lion’s City – low -floor passenger systems for cities;

– Lion’s Regio – spacious and practical vehicles for intercity transportation;

– Lion’s Coach – comfortable cars for international transportation of tourists.

For VIP passengers for sale, MAN buses enter the NEOPLAN brand, and the price is quite consistent with the highest quality of premium machines designed for the transportation of tourists:

– Cityliner with a salon located above the driver’s seat;

– Starliner – an increased level of comfort;

– Tourliner – universal and multifunctional passenger cars;

– Neoplan Skyliner with a two -story interior layout.