Benefits of reading news on the Slobodskaya Krai portal

People learn about news in their small homeland and in the world on news portals or read newspapers. Residents of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region actively use the news resource called “Sloboda Krai”, familiar to the audience for a long time.

Readers first learned about the Slobodskoy Krai newspaper back in 1917. Despite the century-old experience of this periodical press, it has not lost its relevance, and later it was modernized by the editorial team.

For full use, a site of the same name was created, which posted up-to-date information about the events of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine and the world. After user adaptation, the resource began to gradually spread through social networks, for the convenience of the readership.

There are a lot of different sections here. Useful tips, adored by readers of all ages, became especially popular.
At the same time, “Slobodskoy Krai” provides the population with services related to the placement of advertising on the portal. Information is provided in print and electronic versions, with more than a million subscribers living in different parts of the globe.

Benefits of reading news on the Slobodskaya Krai portal

This news resource compares favorably with its competitors, as in its work it is guided by a number of rules that have not changed for a long time:

  • all the news posted on the portal are true, as they have been verified by the company’s employees;
  • here they value their reputation and will not soil it with distorted information;
  • you are the first to know about the news of Kharkiv region, Ukraine and the world.

“Slobodskoy Krai” provides its users and subscribers with a wide range of news headings, where “Cultural news” is in the first place.

The channel strives to develop further in order to carry only up-to-date and reliable information to subscribers. It covers issues and events not only of a political nature, there is a lot of developing material and reading “for the soul”. Each user will be able to find news headings that are closer to him in content.

The new news format came with the placement of the “Sloboda Territory” on the pages of social networks. Now readers can express their own opinion in the comments, share their thoughts and communicate with each other on various topics read on the portal. This leads to a steady increase in subscribers of this resource.