Blagia glazing with plastic windows: price, advantages

A process such as glazing with plastic windows is a great option to breathe a new life into a part of the home, which had previously been used only as a warehouse for indecent trash. Giving it a aesthetically beautiful look not only a decorative function, but also helps to protect the apartment from dust and dirt, which are a serious problem. Especially in big cities.

Thanks to refinement, a new space can be used for various purposes. Organize, for example, a greenhouse. Or a study. In any case, the owner of the housing remains in winning.

In addition to practicality and aesthetics to the advantages of glazing by a loggias with plastic windows, they include:

excellent noise – and thermal insulation;

simplicity of care;

excellent resistance to atmospheric influences;


At the same time, you need to understand that to ensure maximum quality, it is necessary to attract a specialized team of performers. There is no lack in the market in the offer of these services.

Stages of work

There are four of them:

Performing the necessary measurements – usually this service is provided for free. A specialist who goes at home to the customer has all the necessary knowledge in the field of operation and designing windows. In addition to removing sizes with the client, color schemes, options for opening the wings, as well as all kinds of additional components: slopes, tints, mosquito nets, window sills are discussed;

The manufacture of window structures – after the completion of the previous stage, the client is announced the cost of the order (we will talk about its formation later). If the announced figure suits it, then an agreement is concluded and an advance is entered. On average, the minimum production time is 7 days, the maximum is two weeks;

Delivery of products to the customer – is clearly agreed with the customer. In this case, the price directly depends on the location of his housing;

Installation – the most important stage. Poorly performed installation nullifies all the advantages from using window structures of the described type. During the installation of new products, the old ones are dismantled, installed and wedging the manufactured windows, putting the entire system strictly vertically, fastening on anchor bolts or plates, sealing, installation of slopes, window sills and castings.

How the price of products is formed

But now let’s figure out what the price of glazing of the loggia with plastic windows depends on. Here, not only the quality of the profile of structures, accessories and additional accessories, but also the type of loggia are crucial.

So, the types of loggias, the cost of their glazing and a brief characteristic:

KOME – from 20,300 rubles. Cleanliness and comfort on a relative modest size of the area can be created. The installation of the deaf sector will help to save money (allows you to place a cabinet, for example);

Lodge of houses of the P -44T type – from 23,000 rubles. Typically, standard aluminum frames installed on it during construction are characterized by low quality. Therefore, without hesitation, install the warm. Comfort and beauty will give a good finish. Here it will be possible to make a good workshop or office;

P -3 – from 31,600 rubles. Taking into account the dimensions, it is necessary to insulate the element in any case, since it is wrong to give it to the power of cold winds or rains;

P -3M – from 26,500 rubles. A wonderful option to make a gym. Pay attention: concrete parapet goes a little further than the floor slab. Therefore, it is necessary to reinforce plastic profiles so that they can be fixed more firmly;

Lodge of houses II -57 – from 21,300 rubles;

6 -type loggia – from 29,500 rubles. In this case, not only glazing will be needed, but also a sheathing with a wooden lining. Together with the latter, the cost will be from 57,000 rubles;

loggia in a brick tower – from 74,000 rubles;

4.8 -meter loggia – about 67,000 rubles will be released with skin and complex insulation;

Panoramic (French) – from 44,000 rubles;

trapezoidal – from 37,000 rubles;

corner – from 29,000 rubles;

“Stalin” – from 20,000 rubles.

If you are interested in an option related to the middle price category, then you can order glazing loggias with sliding plastic windows. It is performed using specialized Spanish systems, which became popular precisely because of their affordable cost and, of course, decent quality.

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