Car tinting in Moscow

Toning the glasses of the car solves a number of problems: protects the salon from sunlight and heating, hides it from prying eyes, gives a stylish look. The most convenient way to reduce light transmission is to stick a film for tinting a car. Autotulz offers the sale, installation and removal of such films to you! Our company performs the car tinting cheaply with a decrease in light transmission to almost any level. We invite customers to choose a film from a wide range of products presented by us. Autotulz assortment films for tinting the Autotulz assorted glass by 30% – 100%. They are guaranteed to provide you with privacy! You can also order us electronic tinting of car glasses. By installing it, you can change the reflective properties of the windows by supplying voltage to the film. We carry out a car tinted according to the GOST of the Russian Federation, currently acting. Staco tinting Autotulz is carried out in Moscow, in St. Petersburg and in Yekaterinburg.

What is glass tinting?

This is the name of the change in the reflective qualities and colors of the windows, in particular – car glasses. The application of tinting affects such glass characteristics:

– the amount of solar energy reflected (heat);

– the number of ultraviolet rays reflected;

– the number of the reflected visible light.

How much the tinting darkens the glass of the car depends on its parameter such as the “percentage of passage of visible light”. The less light transmission, the more difficult it is to consider the car interior from the outside. As for other parameters, a modern tint film protects from 95-100% UV. Other characteristics are significantly vary.

Methods of tinting glass glasses

There are two ways to change the performance of ordinary glasses – tinting with spraying and pasting windows with tinting films. There is also a third way in which the reflective ability of glasses changes at the stage of their production. The tinting of the car by spraying has a number of disadvantages, among which is the fragility and complexity of its removal. Today, almost all motorists choose films for tinting the car – paint covered with paint, metallized or mixed. Their advantages are diversity, light sticker and removal with special means. Hiding the car interior, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation and heating, special automobile films can also make it more durable, which is impossible when tinted with spraying.

How we apply tinting films?

Autotulz experts do this using suitable glue and tools. Before the sticker the glass film is washed and dried, and also treated with soap alkalis. We hide the edges of the films behind the window of the windows, which gives them a neat look. Having trusted this work Autotulz, you guarantee the safety of glasses, high -quality and durable tinting!

Car Toning according to GOST

Requirements GOST 5727-88 of the Russian Federation (under the name “Safe glass for ground transport. General technical conditions ”), which follows Autotulz, are as follows:

– frontal and front side glasses that provide a review of the road to the driver should pass at least 75% and 70% of the light, respectively;

– rear and other side glasses can be tinted without restrictions on light transmission, except for applying mirror tinting prohibited for all glasses.

By ordering a car tinting from Autotulz, you purchase quality at an affordable price! High -quality . Look at the site