Cellulite after childbirth: how to get rid of

The joy of motherhood is often overshadowed by the appearance of imperfections on the body. Cellulite after childbirth, unfortunately, is a common problem among giving birth to women. Almost every woman after childbirth gains weight, which is quite natural, since the woman’s body is experiencing very serious changes that affect the hormonal background, the work of the thyroid gland, change in weight, increase the volume of the hips and chest.

Many women note not only weight gain, but also the emergence of boggy, abdomen, and stretch marks on the hips and chest. All these consequences must be eliminated in time so that they do not turn into an even more neglected stage when they will have to fight them with a surgical method.

To get rid of cellulite after childbirth is possible only with complex measures. To begin with, you should start eating properly, abandon fried, smoked, fatty meat, pastries, sweets, cubes, sausages, canned goods, mayonnaise and ketchup, as well as alcohol and tobacco. For a nursing mother, it is very important to maintain a water balance, so drink a sufficient amount of liquid so that there is milk. Also in the fight against cellulite after childbirth, you should eat fruits, vegetables, especially cabbage, legumes, dairy products, nuts and healthy oils.

Also, physical exercises and walks in the fresh air will help to get rid of cellulite after childbirth. Strengthen the abdominal muscles, fitness, classes in the pool, regular exercises for fixing the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and chest daily. The exercises of “squats”, “bicycle” are known from physical education lessons, are especially effective in strengthening the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Evening walks will also benefit, promote tone, burning extra calories and improving the general condition of the body.

It is known that these measures are still not enough to get rid of the hated “orange peel”. There are many ways to remove cellulite after childbirth, which include anti -cellulite wraps, massage, contrast shower, the use of anti -cellulite creams and gels. It is worth noting the effectiveness of self -massage using a hard mittens, special massagers and various abrasive tools.

For those who do not know how to remove cellulite after childbirth, you should consider various warming agents, with which it is possible to increase blood flow and lymph flow. This is red burning pepper, mustard, wax. Essential oils of citrus fruits, such as orange, tangerine, grapefruit and lemon oil, are also considered no less effective.

The use of coffee grounds, therapeutic clay, honey, oils, seaweed contribute to a decrease in cellulite. However, it is worth noting that it is possible to get rid of cellulite only by observing a whole range of measures for a long period, as a result of which you will have a toned silhouette and impeccable skin.