Changes will be made to the registration process of cars.

Changes will be made to the registration process of cars

According to official data from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, it became known that the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (GIBDD) proposed to amend the process of registering motor vehicles and made new requirements for this procedure in a separate law.

At the moment, the requirements are in the law on police and in the law on road safety. According to the State Traffic Inspectorate, changing the requirements and making them into a separate law will help simplify the process of registering vehicles.

The innovations include the fact that car dealerships will be given greater powers when registering a car. It is assumed that car dealerships will be empowered to collect all the necessary documents for registration, inspection of cars, sending the collected documents to the departments of the State traffic inspectorate and obtaining a certificate of vehicle registration.

In addition, salons will be able to buy and issue state registration marks under certificates. The inspection suggests that this measure will help reduce the load on registration points. Also, the draft law being prepared also affects the reasons for deregistration of vehicles. Two of them are planned – this is for destruction and for export outside the country.

If the owner decided to sell the car, then it is not necessary to deregister it, the traffic police are invited to qualify this situation, that is, to re-register. When re-registering data, the owner has the right to retain the registration marks. As expected, according to the traffic police, such a measure will soon be included in the decree of the government of the Russian Federation.

In addition to these rules, the traffic police allows drivers to carry out the procedure for registering a car at any department of the inspection, regardless of the place of registration of the owner. At the moment, motorists can use this right only in their region, and registration plates will have the code of the region where the car owner was registered. However, the inspection proposed to abandon the code indicating the region in the room. Due to this, the capacity of the sign will increase. For example, the capacity of a sign of the form MM0000MM will be approximately one hundred million combinations.

You can discuss the new bill, become a participant in the survey and make your proposals on the Rossiyskaya Gazeta website.

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