Children’s bedding – beauty in community with practicality

What kind of children’s bedding in your little ones? Do they like it? And you? What you focus first of all when choosing children’s bedding?

Rastishka in the article “Children’s products should not be evil!»Talked about what requirements should be presented to children’s goods. And all these requirements are completely applicable to the choice of children’s bedding. Undoubtedly, it should be of high quality. The child spends from 10 to 12 hours in his bed, that is, almost half a day. And at this time we must be sure that our baby is safe. And for this you need to buy sheets and tumors only from high -quality durable fabric, and the dyes used in fabric should be hypoallergenic and persistent. Tip: smell the linen when buying and rubbing with your fingers – remains in strength, because high -quality children’s bedding should have a pleasant aroma of novelty without specific shades and remnants of paint on the fingers.


Quality is, no doubt, important. But it is in children’s pillowcases, duvetiles and sheets there is another important point. This is aesthetics. According to some world scientists, the quality of our sleep partially depends on the mood before bedtime and on how we fall asleep. In addition, the morning mood usually looks like what was before going to bed. Therefore, we, as parents, can help our children fall asleep in a great mood. And in solving this problem we can help “correct” bedding.

It is good to cheer up the baby and arouse in him the desire to be in their bed. Different color shades of children’s bedding help. Children, unlike adults, pay more attention to colors, they like everything bright and beautiful. Hard fabric, boring coloring and dull color will beat off any desire to be in bed. But softness and colorful appearance will give a baby a healthy and calm sleep.

Individual characteristics of the baby and children’s bedding

When choosing children’s bedding, it is important to consider the individual characteristics of the baby. If it is very active, then the red and yellow color of the bed does not suit it. It is better to purchase a set of pale blue or pink color. But if your child has no problems with hyperactivity, then a bright bed will help him in the development of imagination and a positive attitude to the world.

Cartoons and at night

But the most beloved coloring in babies and even adolescents are duveters and pillowcases with images of their favorite heroes of fairy tales or cartoons. For boys, drawings of car and drags, for girls – princesses in chic dresses and barbie. And Winnie Pukhu, Mickey Mauses, Dalmatians, etc. can live in bed. D.


– fabrics should be soft and tender, as well as pleasant to the touch;

– fabrics: high -quality and durable;

– The paint should be without odor, if you rub slightly underwear, there should not be colored traces in the hands;

– It is important to consider the individual characteristics of the baby and his interests;

– Do not forget about aesthetics;

– High -quality children’s bedding will be expensive.

If you buy a suitable baby bedding, then you will not have problems laying crumbs and good sleep. The main thing is that in the morning the baby still agrees to leave his cozy bed nest!