Children’s sports corner for beloved children

It is impossible to do without a sports corner in apartments and houses where one or more children live. Unfortunately, the increased load at school, the general hobby of youth by the Internet and computers, makes progressive hypodynamy, from which children and adolescents have health problems. And every loving parent should think about equipping the child with a sports corner so that the child receives regular physical activity without parental spending on sports circles and classes.

A sports corner can consist of a Swedish wall, rings and bars for pull -ups, as well as swings, ropes and even boxing pears, depending on the age of the child and his hobbies, as well as the available area. Having a sports corner, a child can play sports at any time convenient for him. And when he misses alone, and when friends come to visit. At the same time, he will always be under the supervision of his parents, that is, almost in complete safety.

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A sports corner is installed most often in the nursery, but in each case this must be considered separately, depending on the existing area. It is very convenient to make a Swedish wall with ropes next to a two -story crib, then the child can go down from it and rise with the help of a sporting device, and not a forest.

Шведские стенки существуют двух видом – враспор между полом и потолком, которые можно переставить в любой момент в другое место, и пристенные – крепящиеся к стене (если у вас натяжные потолки, то актуальны именно такие), которые перенести без мелкого ремонта стен нельзя.

It is better to complete the sports corner for a small child with two Swedish walls located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, rope, rings and trampoline (you can also swing, but they are easily replaced by a rope on which you can swing, and not just climb up and not to climb up and not to climb and way down). And do not forget about the mats so that in case of accidental falling or jumping, the child falls on a soft mat, and not on a hard floor.

When choosing a sports corner, it is necessary to carefully study the quality of the material from which it is made – metal ones practically do not require care, unlike wooden. However, wooden ones look better and fit perfectly into the interior of the children’s.

The shape of the sports corner can also be different-it is MA-shaped, T-shaped and P-shaped corners with several supports. It is also necessary to choose depending on the layout of the apartment and where exactly the corner will be installed – in the corner, in the middle of the room or near the wall.

Do not forget the microclimate of the premises in which a sports corner is installed – the room should be well ventilated so that humidity and temperature do not increase, especially when several children are engaged in the sports corner. To do this, it is best to use modern windows with a function of air microcirculation (special valves) – then the child will not get cold and the air in the room will become fresh.

For the safety of sports games in the sports corner, there should be good lighting – it is in the part of the room where the sports corner is located should be additional artificial lighting. At the same time, you should not attach hanging chandeliers in this place, a matte lamp will be quite enough, which gives a soft multiple light.

When buying a sports complex to a child, be sure to check from the seller a certificate of conformity. Gather a sports corner efficiently, screwing all the nuts and removing all the sharp edges of the fasteners if they are available. Nowhere should there be cracks, potholes and other traumatic sites. And when the sports complex is located in the room, it must be borne in mind that there should not be sharp corners next to it.

Good sports development of the child, increasing immunity and emancipation in communication – this is what gives a home children’s sports corner to each child.