Choosing fences.

Planning Your Site Fencing Systems.

If you ordered the individual construction of a country house, this does not mean that you cannot take an active part in its creation. Of course, you can shift everything onto the shoulders of specialists and designers, but living in a house in the future is for you. In addition, it is so nice to realize that you actively participated in creating the surrounding beauty and comfort.

An individual project of a residential building includes, as a rule, planning a fencing system for the entire site. Although some may think this is a trifling matter. Fences and other fences have long and firmly entered our lives. No wonder, because they have always performed the function of protection: protection of the family, property, home. Today, fences are made from a variety of materials, and any design. What material to give preference to, which determines the durability and reliability of the fence?

Types of fences and fences are very diverse, however, fences made of natural stone are considered the most common. They in their own way complement the “homestead” plots with landscape design, which is now very fashionable. They also create a sense of security and comfort with fences made of brick, wood, and metal.

Metal forged fences can be very diverse, while impressive their design. Today, all kinds of “florids” that the specialists of this industry are very popular are very popular. In metal fences, you can discern not only flowers, various emblems are actively cut out, the Victorian style masterpieces are created. Metal fences also include products from profiled sheet. Its distinctive qualities are durability, ease of assembly and not limited in height. The main thing is to take care of such fences with the quality and strength of the bearing pillars. It is also worth considering the ventilation factor for your site, so it’s better not to do, too high fences.

Wooden fences are beautiful and, most importantly, natural, they are both logs and beams. Such fences fit perfectly into the overall picture of the “landscape” and delight the eye. At the same time, this type of fence is not so expensive, and everyone can afford it. True, he has several shortcomings and they are in decay. A wooden fence will delight you for five to seven years, but, like any tree, it will rot and in the past of these years your fence can easily be shaken and pulled out. At the same time, he will lose his attractiveness and begin to squint.

Brick fences are very durable, durable and reliable. Such fences are placed “for centuries”. True, this pleasure is not cheap at all. In addition, it is necessary to lay the foundation under the brick, you can not do without a highly discharge master of the mason. By rebuilding a brick fence, it will also not hurt to know how close to the surface of the earth are soil waters, determine the type and condition of the soil, a tendency to erosion. Such an analysis, respectively, requires considerable investments, but it makes no sense to build a brick fence where it is contraindicated.

The cost of an individual house project most often includes the planning of fences on the site. Remember that the reliability and durability of fences and barriers depends not only on the material chosen, but also on how well the girders, support posts, and inlets were installed. We should not forget that the fence must comply not only with your wishes, but also with the norms established by law, so it is better to entrust planning and construction to specialists.