Christmas is a fabulous holiday!

Christmas is perhaps the most fabulous holiday. Perhaps that is why he has always been the most mysterious and beloved for children. All his mystery lies in that good biblical story that is repeated annually in the form of theatrical performances that children prepare with adults. At the same time, children always receive sweets and gifts, as well as parental attention. The child perceives Christmas not easy as a fairy tale, but also as well -deserved happiness. This is a kind of educational moment – children understand that a miracle just does not happen, it needs to be earned. For example, with good behavior or sung with a song and a learned poem or participation in a Christmas performance.

Typically, such ideas are arranged on Christmas holidays in temples. A small cave is arranged, which symbolizes the place where Christ was born, adults change into Maria and Joseph, as well as in the magi and drink songs. Children internally feel the significance of everything that happens on stage, try to somehow reveal themselves on stage.

In order to prepare a child, read the gospel history in advance, if he has questions, be sure to answer them and ask what he liked the most or vice versa, did not like it. In the children’s head, this story about the birth of good, gifts, a bright star, a mother with a child seems to be a miracle.

Now try to imagine how the child begins to believe about all this, seeing a real star on the Christmas tree, breathing in the smell of fresh hay and needles, hearing the rustling of the raincoat wolfs that carry gilded gifts. And after all, the gifts will get him and he! A miracle that is waiting for a children’s heart, going down to the ground, and enters his life. After some time, everything that happens ceases to be incomprehensible, superficial beauty is lost, but the most important thing remains-faith in a miracle, which at a conscious age becomes saving.

You can tell a child about Christmas signs, for example, that there is a lot of snow for Christmas for a good harvest, and put on new clean clothes – for good health.

The closer we manage to bring the miracle of Christmas to real life, the more strong the faith in the miracle in the soul of the child will be, then all this will not be perceived by him as a kind of fabulous myth that will evaporate with age.

For older children, the gospel fairy tale can be filled with real historical facts. For example, a historical certificate of King Herod will be appropriate, a map, which indicates the biblical cities and marked the path of Mary in Bethlehem, a description of the life and clothes of people living in those days, a story about who the sorcerers are and what is humble and incense.

Genuine interest in combination with emotions from listening to music, family happiness awakens knowledge in the child. They creatively reveal themselves, starting to sing like angels and believe in their own strength and the victory of a bright star.

Christmas is not only a holiday for a child. This is a world tradition! And the brighter and more the child will understand Christmas traditions, the more faith in a miracle remain in the childhood soul.