Citroen DS23: All Power in Design

Car masterpieces are often found on modern roads and practically do not cause vivid emotions. French Citroen DS23 of 1955 even now attracts attention. It is not at all necessary to understand technical wisdom in order to love this machine, because one look at the brainchild of designer Flavio Bertoni is enough. The streamlines coefficient of the model are 0.34, which is very good even for a modern car. In those days, this Citroen could only be compared with a spaceship from the comics of the science fiction genre. Competitors against the backdrop with him did not look completely breathtaking. However, despite the magnificent design, the technical characteristics of the machine are far from the ideal. What costs a gasoline engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 70 horsepower, presented back in 1930. Gearbox and differential before the engine came from pre -war “Citroenes”. The company’s management did not want to delay the debut of the model and decided to use the traditional technical filling.

A pneumatic suspension deserves special attention, which maintains, regardless of the load of the body at the right level with the possibility of changing road clearance. This made it possible to increase comfort, especially on bad roads. It is noteworthy that after turning off the ignition, the machine after a few hours is pressed to the asphalt itself.

Automatic clutch and hydraulic drive of mechanical transmission were considered almost the last innovations of the car. The principle of operation is to turn off the left pedal using the box lever to change transmission through hydraulics. Such a system turned out to be very laborious in maintenance, because of which it soon had to be abandoned.

DS23 suitable for the family man of the middle and wealthy state, and also looked good at the modern cottage or clan castle.

The machine has practicality, but not to the detriment of comfort for passengers primarily due to a unique suspension. When starting from the place, the car is noticeably squatting, and then the body is downloading. It is gradually reduced as speed increases. The maximum lifted suspension does not allow to move in space for a long time and is suitable only for servicing the bottom of the machine, which is very convenient.

The steering with a hydraulic wrap at that time was considered a luxury for an ordinary person. The car reacts well to the driver’s commands, which cannot be said about the transmission. High passages forced the model forced the model to be widely rolled in corners.

In 1972, a modification with a 2.3 liter engine capacity of 115 horsepower appeared. This made it possible to significantly increase the dynamics and reduce the intensity of gear. In addition, fuel consumption remained at an acceptable level. To excessively sensitive brakes with a truly French character had to adapt.

Not a single automobile company decided to attempt to copy this legendary car, since this did not make sense. Citroen DS23 is rightfully considered a masterpiece of innovative design solutions.


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