Cold glazing of balconies »Price, advantages and disadvantages

Cold glazing of balconies implies their equipment with aluminum profile structures. Due to a number of reasons, it is less popular than a similar operation using PVC. Nevertheless, a certain number of citizens prefers precisely the “cold” version of the refinement of their balconies.

Advantages and disadvantages

From the name itself it is clear that the continuation of the apartment will not be warm. But what makes people install aluminum window constructions? The answer is simple – a number of their inherent advantages. These include:

The sliding design of the windows – thanks to it, the free space is significantly saved, because when opening, the wings are opened to the sides;

a relatively small weight of structures – with an equal area, the aluminum window system weighs much less than polyvinyl chloride. And this allows you to glaze with it almost any balcony. In addition, housing owners in houses with worn slabs (balcony) simply have no choice;

The possibility of painting – the owner of the dwelling is free to choose any coloring of structures.

In addition, they are environmentally friendly, easy to operate, durable and functional.

However, they are characterized by some shortcomings:

low noise insulation characteristics – due to two features. The first – the sliding system is not airtight. The second is the use of individual 4 -mmal glasses in the structure, and not double -glazed windows, as in the case of PVC;

the exposure of icing in severe frost – the system simply ceases to function properly.

We must not forget that cold glazing of the balconies is therefore named that the temperature on the latter is only 8-10 degrees above the street. Therefore, with severe frosts, the minus will be on the balcony itself.

It should be noted that such shortcomings are inherent in most metal structures. Therefore, if you are sure that you can put up with them, then you should not even think about it. Moreover, the price of cold glazing of balconies is lower than “warm”.

The process of price formation

Let’s see how the cost of cold glazing of the balcony is calculated.

Suppose the apartment is located in a 12-theaty house. Then we have 10 different cases of calculation (depending on the type of house). In addition to window structures, the price of accessories will include the price (internal window sill, tolls, stunks and visors):

CPE – with a width of 2,650 mm along the front, height of 1,400 mm and a depth of 770 mm on the left and on the right, the price will be from 17,842 rubles;

1605 (back) – at a width of 2,575 mm and a height of 1,550 mm, the price will be from 11,611 rubles;

1605 (end) – at a width of 5 440 mm and a height of 1,550 mm, the price will be from 24,099 rubles;

P -3 – with a width of 2,200 mm, height 1,440 mm, a depth of 1,000 mm on the left and 700 mm on the right, the price will be from 15,570 rubles;

P -3 (rear) – in this case you will need two designs: 2 200×1 440×1 000 mm worth from 12,689 rubles and 4 800×1 440 mm worth from 23,400 rubles;

II -18 – similar to the previous option: 3 030×1 470×840 mm worth from 15 933 rubles and 2 720×1 440×840 (left and right) worth from 19,414 rubles;

P-44-T (back)-and again two designs: 3 500×1 440 at a price of 16 185 rubles and 3 600×1 440 mm at a price of 19,365 rubles;

P-44-T-with a width of 3,700 mm and a height of 1,650 mm, the price will be from 17,983 rubles;

P -46 – a pair of structures 2 800×1 440 mm and 4 000×1 440 mm will cost from 11,780 and from 16,081 rubles, respectively;

P -30 – here we are talking about ordering three structures at once: 2 800×1 440 mm, 4 000×1 440 mm, 2 100×1 440 mm. Their cost will be from 11,780, from 16,081 and from 24,712 rubles, respectively. The latter, by the way, will be further decorated from the inside and insulated.

Please note: all prices are given excluding delivery.

If we compare the amount that you will have to give for the organization of glazing the balcony in a house of type 1605 (back), then in the case of an order of PVC, you will need to pay from 15,156 rubles, and in the case of aluminum – 11,611 rubles. The difference is obvious.