Cooking water in the house

In the modern world, food products have changed greatly in comparison with their original appearance and properties. That they just do not add to them to improve taste and attractiveness (product species). Gene modifiers, artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners, stabilizers, preservatives. And it is not surprising that the number of different diseases of the digestive system and other systems of our body is constantly growing. Of all products for consumption, only water remains.

But water does not always happen, safe for drinking. And the water that flows from our cranes is also not perfect. Therefore, only spring or bottled water is suitable for healing the body. In extreme cases, you can use tap water in previously filtering it. At home or in an apartment you can easily prepare if basic rules are therapeutic water. Cook talus water better from pre -purified water. Pay attention to water filters for home.

To do this, take a plastic bottle with a capacity of one and a half or two liters and fill it with purified water. You can not use metal dishes (except enamulated dishes). Pour water into a bottle about ten centimeters below the cork. We tightly twist the plug and put in the freezer. If the bottle does not fit in full growth, it is necessary to install it with a slope. Defrost the finished ice at room temperature.

It should be consumed in small sips when it heats up to a temperature of ten degrees Celsius. Take a sip, heat water in the mouth for eight ten seconds and swallow. Remember that meltwater is suitable for use for ten twelve hours. After this time, it turns into ordinary water. It is best to put frozen water on the lower shelf of the refrigerator, in the morning you will have a necessary portion of melt water for drinking.

You can not add various additives to melt water. The course of treatment should last forty days. You need to drink daily one hour before meals one and a half or two glasses. An approximate calculation of the drunk water per day should be one percent of your weight. After forty days, the dose of drunk water is gradually reduced to half. Since melt water has no side effects, you can drink it to everyone. Below are several ways to prepare water at home.

one. In a one and a half -liter plastic bottle (eggplant), not adding to the neck, pour clean, filtered water. Put in the freezer and make sure that the water freezes half. Then pour the not frozen part of the water, but defrost the ice as indicated above and use for treatment. For rational use of water, you can put water in two or three bottles. Experimentally calculate how much water you need per day to cook it once.

2. Dial 3-4 liters of purified water into an enameled pan and put in the freezer. After a while, check and if small ice growths appear, drain the water into another enameled dishes and put it on freezing. And throw out the ice formed. Further, when the water freezes half, pour out the water not frozen again, and use the ice as described above. This method allows you to get a cleaner melt water, since during the first freezing in ice growths, harmful substances gather.

3. Using tap water. Put the water boiled, and as soon as small boiling bubbles begin to pop up, remove from heat and put in a cold water bath for quick cooling. Then pour cooled water into a plastic bottle and continue the effect, as described in the first method. If the sediment is formed during boiling, the water is filtered through a paper filter or several layers of gauze.