Decoration with decorative plaster of walls, columns, ceilings

One of the important points of repair of any room is the surface decoration. The modern construction market offers a huge selection of various materials for finishing. Among them are plastic panels, ceramic tiles, and wallpaper, and paint. However, some people want to create an unusual luxurious interior in their apartment or office.

Decorative plaster can help them in this. The decoration of the walls of decorative plaster at all time was an indicator of the style, wealth and impeccable taste of people living in the room. It should only be remembered that it is not enough to purchase a decorative plaster in Moscow to create a unique interior. It is also necessary to observe the technology of its application. Moreover, for different types of plaster it is different. We offer you to use our services to apply this truly unique and unique material. Extensive experience and qualifications allow us to guarantee that in the end you will receive a room that you dreamed about all your life.

The price of decorative plaster

Not a single specialist will undertake to call the final cost without seeing the premises and not outlining the circle of upcoming works for himself. We are no exception. That is why, our master is ready at any time convenient for you to leave for you and inspect the room, determine the circle of work and help you make a choice in favor of a particular type of decorative plaster. We provide all the material ourselves. You just have to choose. This will save you not only a time that you would spend on shopping trips, but also money, because we give you the opportunity to purchase material at a wholesale price. The cost indicated in the estimate will be made up of two components. The first is the cost of the material itself and the second is the price for work on decorative plaster decoration. After the estimate is agreed, the contract is signed on the basis of it, we proceed to the direct performance of the work.

Video material about repair using decorative plaster

Video report on repair using decorative plaster by specialists of the company “SK-REMONT”.

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Decoration with decorative plaster

When starting to finish, you should first prepare the surface, carry out the complete dismantling of the walls, clean them of wallpaper, paint and other materials. The wall should be even, without dust and dirt. After that, the surface should be primed and the primer should dry at least six hours. When applying plaster, you can use spatulas, painting tape, metal ironing, wet rag, roller or azure, wax as tools. Plaster is applied to a carefully prepared surface with an even layer 1-5 mm thick. The thickness of the layer will depend on the type of plaster you have chosen. It is applied with a metal ironing. Apply it with an even continuous layer. The remains are removed with a sponge moistened in water. If the remains are dried up, then they are removed mechanically. All spatulas and ironers should be smooth. After applying the first layer, he needs to give time to dry. Depending on the type of plaster, the drying period varies from 8 to 48 hours.

After the plaster is applied, it should be painted with azure and roller. By the way, if you use certain types of plaster, you can simply add the pigment in the preparation of the solution, and some plasters are already sold painted, for example, Venetian. To give the surface of the strength and shine, at the end of the color, apply wax.

Of course, only professionals can cope with the tasks. If you do these works yourself, you can ruin expensive material, and even spend funds to correct errors. Therefore, trust this work by the true pros. Come to us. You will not regret.