DIY flower beds: photo. How to make flower beds and flower beds in the country with your own hands

Every self -respecting owner should have a beautiful garden, which means that you need to make beautiful flower beds and flower beds. Consider how to achieve this without resorting to the service of a landscape designer.

To make flower beds with your own hands, you can use the most diverse designs. For example, you can weave baskets using willow rods, and then strengthen them in the ground around the circle. Having laid between them polyethylene and falling asleep with fertile soil, you can plant flowers. Another option is a square laid out of poles. Strict geometric forms will probably like aesthetes that love severity and conciseness of design.

There are many photos of these flower beds on the Internet – this photo can be used as a sample for decorating your garden.

As a flowerbed with your own hands in the country, you can use a log with a hollowed core. In the resulting void, you need to fill the fertile earth interspersed with gravel and plant suitable flowers. The garden with such flower beds looks great in the photo – it seems that your garden is a forest with covered flowers of logs.

The flowerbed on the grass, bordered by brick, looks original – in a word, there are a lot of options for creating beautiful flower beds and flower beds. Let’s go to flower beds now.

DIY flower beds in the country

We list some opportunities that can be used to make flower beds with your own hands:

You can buy a ready -made concrete shape of a flower garden and then make it to taste – this is a simple option that saves your time;

a cascade made of rectangular stands – similar to a flowerbed in the shape of a square, this option will appeal to lovers of accurate forms;

The flower garden on old stumps looks unusual – it seems that a piece of the mysterious forest appeared in your garden;

Having bought a variety of flower beds, you can arrange flower beds on the beds, for example, strengthening them on supports with various heights and t. D. Such asymmetry looks very beautiful;

Creating flower beds and flower beds with your own hands, you can give free rein to your imagination and act as the creator of your little flora in your garden.

How to make a flower bed

Consider a simple option on how to make beautiful flower beds yourself. These are vertical flower beds that look very beautiful and unusual and can become the perfect decoration of the garden. Buy special geosets and strengthen them on the supports. Вместо геосеток можно использовать георешетки – в любом случае, получившиеся цветочные клумбы будут очень хорошо смотреться и создадут особую атмосферу. Using plastic clip ups and clamps, attach pockets to the grids (lattices) and pour the earth into them. Vertical flower beds are almost ready. Bring several irrigation tubes to the pockets to supply plants and flowers with fertilizers and water.

How to make a beautiful flowerbed

If the vertical flower garden seemed to you nevertheless, you can beautifully make a flower bed using non -standard materials and fencing devices. Examples of such things:

Old wheels from the cart – ideal for miniature flowers;

A suitcase or even a case is a very unexpected application for things that have outlived its age;

A rubber tire – such a flowerbed will delight lovers of cars, because car topics will be present even in the garden;

Old shoes – shoes, boots and even boots. Just pour the ground and plant flowers;

Такое оформление клумбы смотрится дерзко и необычно, особенно, если вы найдете правильный баланс между регулярными и пейзажными композициями. Landscape compositions do not have strict segments and shapes, while regular compositions are made in strict geometric forms. Moving both options and creating asymmetry, you will definitely simulate a natural riot, because in nature the miracles of geometric proportions are adjacent to randomly growing plants. In a word, show fantasy and ingenuity, and the creation of an unusual flowerbed will succeed in 100%.

Let us consider in more detail the flower beds created using automobile topics. Cut car tires in a circle and pour the ground – the workpiece already has! Now it remains to make a competent design of the flower bed – paint the tire in your favorite color or just disguise it with a network. And you can just decorate the tire of earth and, finally, plant flowers.

If you are unable to imagine your future flower beds in its entirety, just look at the finished solutions. В различных фотогалереях показано множество клумб, и вы точно сможете выбрать подходящий вашему вкусу и предпочтениям вариант.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a video lesson, which is described in detail how it is yourself a great flower pot or flowerbed:

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