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September 15, 2013 | 20:40

This name will make any collector cry, and will make any American feel pride in his country. Because “Duzenberg” was the most perfect machine of the New World, which forced me to be surprised and imbued with respect.   Mark appeared in 1913, thanks to two inventors of German origin, brothers, Frederica and Augusta Duzenberg. Talented engineers and mechanics, the brothers created the first of their cars on their own. But only after long checks, weighing for “for” and “against” did they open their company. So this story began and ended, but the legend was born, whose name is “Duzenberg”.  The main distinguishing feature of these leviafans of automotiveism was the presence of a huge number of advanced ideas for that time. The brothers used the vaguens on their limousines and speeders, which allowed these machines to be almost the fastest in those days. And the level and quality of the manufacture of these machines still speaks of itself, given that today for Duzenberg in good condition will be readily given to you from one and a half, up to two million dollars. By the way, in their days, they were also so expensive that for the money that the buyer gave for Duzzi, you could buy 3 “cadillac”, which was always known fabulously expensive. You can imagine this price, although it will not seem impressive. – fifteen.000 dollars. But if you transfer this amount from the course of those times to this one, you may faint. And at the same time, behind this machine became in line. Clark Gabel and Harry Cooper, legendary playboys and Hollywood stars were the owners of the two most unique “Duzzi”, who once existed. In addition to the fact that there are only two of these short -fingered speeders in the world, they were still fast in the world at that time. By the way, Harry Cooper and Duzzi were almost indivisible, in more and more pictures with cars, Cooper posed precisely with his pet. In addition to the fact that “Duzenberg” became a symbol of the greatness and perfection of the New World, this car became famous as the first American car that won the famous “24 hours of Le Mans” race. “Duzenberg” disappeared from the face of the earth, after death in the accident of Frederick, who, by irony, led precisely a car of his own production. Evil languages ​​began to spread rumors that new models are dangerous. With the death of his brother, who was in charge of the financial affairs of the company and provided sales, things went worse and worse, in the end, the company closed. There were a series of attempts to revive the brand, but alas, they all failed. But more than half of the Duzenbergs survived from all of all of the “Duzenbergs” are still forced to think that there is perfection, and once he had a name. If you need for a car, visit Podzamenu. Only on this site does the online store offer you original spare parts for foreign cars throughout Russia.

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