Entrance doors Multilock

Entrance doors of any production are a complex set of parts, elements and parts that form a single mechanism. Without going into details, we can say that each design is a combination of five elements – a reliable door leaf, a durable box, a lock, fittings and a burglary-resistant cylinder. And each of these elements must be one hundred percent high quality, reliable and durable, since only such characteristics guarantee a high class of the finished door system.

Multilock doors are such a convincing example, they have a high level of security, with carefully selected components and made on the best equipment in the modern world. The canvas of each design is made of steel protected from corrosion, provides sound and heat insulation characteristics at the highest level. The box is made of a powerful steel profile and is integral with the doorway.

Branded lock guarantees the locking of the product in several directions. Thanks to the fittings, it cannot be opened either by drilling or knocking out, and the cylinder is so reliable that neither the enumeration of keys nor the impact of a master key will give the desired results for burglars. 100% security is true for metal multilock doors.

Perhaps, it was the attentive attitude to every detail and the use of only branded products to equip the doors produced that made the Israeli company Multilock one of the confident leaders in the Russian and world markets. Each product of this brand is made of cold-rolled galvanized steel, all sheets of which are at least 1.5 mm thick, and is additionally reinforced with six stiffening ribs located in a vertical position.

The design has the highest possible strength, largely due to the fact that the fabric is welded at more than 300 points, and with the help of a special rubber seal around the entire perimeter, a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation is achieved. Mounted on three adjustable, burglary-resistant hinges made of alloy steel (complemented with fluoroplastic bearings), door leafs differ from most analogues in their smooth opening.

Fixed anti-removable crossbars in the amount of 6 pieces provide the optimal level of security of the structure from most methods of exposure to ill-wishers, allowing each Multilock door to be securely fixed in the locked state at several points (up to 11).

It is important to note that the competent installation of such products guarantees a long and trouble-free service life, and also provides additional benefits that are useful in terms of burglary resistance. During installation, the “wall-frame” structure becomes monolithic due to the fact that the space between the box and the space of the doorway is filled with concrete.

In addition, for the masters of the Israeli company there is no such thing as “small details”. Every little detail that can make a door vulnerable to break-in, unstable, ugly or not keeping the room warm and quiet enough is under control. In particular, this applies to finishing issues.

Decorative panels used to decorate some models not only make the designs attractive to the general public, but also provide them with 100% heat and sound insulation. However, buyers can choose products without this additional feature. Multilock doors are available on the market in a wide range of finishes with attractive and diverse materials (from plastic coating to wood panels).

The advantages of the products of the Israeli corporation Multilock are obvious, especially since it has been presented on the Russian market for more than a year. Buyers who choose these door structures receive a guarantee of quality and trouble-free operation on them. They can be sure that they have purchased metal doors certified in accordance with Russian requirements, they have the appropriate paperwork ? certificates ISO 9001182524, IS950.

First class designs ? the most powerful and optimal way to resist the dangers of the modern world, the ability to make your life safe. Such serious characteristics were not characteristic of metal, and even more so, wooden doors of past years. The purchase of Multilock products, high quality even in the smallest details, developed and created on the basis of the latest developments and improved mechanisms, means a step into a safe and secure future.