Entrance doors Zetta

Today, the market for entrance metal doors demonstrates a large number of worthy offers at a bargain price. But at the same time, it is worth highlighting the Zetta company, which is engaged in the manufacture of metal doors according to its own unique developments on modern equipment using high-quality components. The company’s developments provide effective and reliable protection of a house or apartment from unauthorized entry. Its products are a unique alloy of acceptable cost and excellent quality, because with proper installation in compliance with all technological requirements, they can be operated for a long period of time.

Today we can say with confidence that Zetta entrance doors have one of the highest rates of strength and resistance to mechanical stress, including with the help of special technical devices. The use of only high-quality metal allows for a high level of burglary resistance. The design has a high level of resistance to shock and dynamic loads, which has been convincingly proven during testing. Even after many years of use, the doors from the company are not subject to sagging of the leaves as a result of significant weight.

In addition, they are distinguished by a high level of thermal insulation and sound insulation and do not let in most of the unpleasant odors, which is especially important when living in an apartment building where there are smoking neighbors. Due to the filling of the cavities with a special non-combustible material of mineral origin, Zetta doors have a high fire resistance class and are resistant to deformation processes even when exposed to high positive temperatures. They represent a significant problem for burglars, because the unique locking system used provides resistance to intelligent hacking when an intruder uses special tools to enter a house or apartment.

At the moment, doors from the company are equipped with three types of locking devices and a panoramic peephole that provides excellent visibility. After installation work, this design does not require additional corrective measures. The front surface of the Zetta door is treated with a special unique powder coating, which perfectly protects both from small and minor scratches and from mechanical impact. To finish the outside of the structure, only high-quality and durable products will be used to emphasize the individuality of the owners of the house or apartment. In essence, in the modern market, they represent the optimal combination of cost and quality.

Production of doors from the company is carried out in premises specially equipped for this purpose on modern advanced foreign-made equipment. At all stages of work, the strictest monitoring of the quality of manufacturing products is carried out, and thus it becomes possible to identify defective elements. In addition, individual products undergo fairly stringent tests, which determine the resistance to burglary, significant mechanical stress, which makes it possible to identify vulnerabilities and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

Experts recommend installing doors from Zetta only using the services of professionals who use special tools for work and have rich practical experience.