Family Planning Center: What keeps him “afloat”

This serious question is usually given a stupid answer: “It is not clear what …”, and this is not at all funny, since the traditions of a large family in Russia are erased, and many relatives are more among the southern peoples, which again is not too happy. Studies of recent years indicate the growth of some adverse patterns in the development of the family institution as social education.

First of all, families who want to have children, and not one child, but two, three or more, as a rule, cannot conceive a child, since parents (one or both) have serious health disorders, which prevents not only the appearance of pregnancy, but And bearing the fetus. Even with a modern level of obstetric development, parents with health disorders can remain barren, as evidenced by medical statistics – up to 12% of Russian families do not have the children voiced above. Undoubtedly, there are exceptions to the rules when children are not too healthy somatically, but can we assume that children will be at least relatively healthy in the future. In this matter, appeal to the family planning center is necessary, because the entire future of the child, who will be conceived artificially, is decided. Experts calculate numerous options for the development of pregnancy in the event of its occurrence, the alleged risks for the health of the baby and mother, as well as possible deviations in the mental state of a pregnant woman, and, as a result, the mental well -being of the child.

The second pattern marked by scientists applies to families where children are born at the request of parents, and when you ask a question whether the child is welcome in your family, parents nod their heads in the affirmative – yes, welcome. Reality sometimes shocks, and you don’t even need to watch the summary of incidents for this, because most of the family tragedies where children die – these are families where children appeared at the request of the parents. In this case, the expectant mom and dad are unlikely to contact the family planning centers, and children are sometimes the reason for which marriages were concluded. As a result, we have the full infantilism of parents in terms of raising our own children, which is not manifested in the refusal of the duties of parents, but in transferring children to the hands of hired personnel (nannies or tutors) or close relatives (grandparents and other relatives). Another example of such behavior is single mothers who, due to different circumstances, are engaged in raising a child without a husband (dad of a child). One -sided education poses a threat to the appearance of courageous women and feminine men (I’m not talking about genetic deviations). However, more and more often the family of family planning seeks the consulting help of women who would like to “give birth to a child for themselves”. Is this reasonable to solve it is not for me, but this issue is very relevant and important, since the same case of the “transfer of rights” to raise a child to close relatives or friends will also be present here.

A pattern regarding families, where there are also no problems with conceiving and bearing a child with a mother, indicates that in such families the parents themselves are “in no hurry” with the birth of a child because of the desire to “live for themselves”. Random pregnancies end in intended abortion, the constant use of contraceptives leads to a persistent change in the health of a woman, which subsequently leads to the bearing of the fetus. Over time, such families come to a mutual decision to “have children”, and turn to family planning centers for medical and psychological help, but, alas, it is often too late to do anything late. By the way, it is in such families that a conscious decision is clearly manifested not to have children at all. So self -sufficient people are completely sure that children will be an obstacle to the implementation of their plans for further life, career growth or building their own business.

And, finally, the same pattern, as a result of which the institution of the family still continues to exist in our country, are young people who carefully plan their family life until old age. In such families, traditions are not an empty phrase, the transmission of the surname is a significant event, the appearance of the child is planned in advance and expected to support the love of an unborn baby in a pregnant woman, confidence in the bottom of tomorrow. Turning to the Family Planning Center, young people do not want ready -made decisions, they are only waiting for confirmation of their innocence, and the task of the center’s employees to listen and draw the right conclusions about the favorable pregnancy periods of the future mommy. To my great regret, I had to deal with such families less than all, although the birth of children in these families is what our state needs. The free and harmonious education of a child for such parents is like the ability to breathe or walk, naturally and simply.