Family planning center you will have a child!

The demographic factor played an important role in the fact that family planning centers appeared in Russia, which currently have more than two hundred. Of course, the indicators of children’s infant and perinatal mortality, undesirable side effects during childbirth, complications of pregnancy, maternal mortality – this also played the war, but still the demographic factor can be considered the main one. The number of serious chronic diseases in women has increased, including diseases that are transmitted to children are anemia, diabetes, neurological diseases, and so on. The consequence was a drop in the number of pregnancies and the birth rate in general. The chain reached out a long and, despite the measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the Russian government in order to improve the situation in the health care of women, so far of real stable improvements.

The sociological survey of the population conducted by order of the Ministry of Health in 2000 showed the ignorance of the population in the planning of the family. In particular, few people knew that a “national action plan for improving the situation of women and increasing their role in society” was adopted, including a number of actions to improve the situation of women, protect their health, including mental. Therefore, I said that family planning is a state problem, it is impossible to solve it in a separate region, since the solution can only be integral.

In general, the term “family planning” includes a complex of both medical, psychological, and purely legal events, which must be carried out before young people entered unwanted or desired intimate connections.

The course “Ethics and Psychology of Family Relations” was once introduced into the school curriculum, and then even the teachers themselves did not understand why this course needed this course. Now it makes no sense to talk about such an educational subject, the era of the Internet turned everything from the “legs to my head”. Children learn about the secret of conception and birth not from parents, but from comics, computer games and pores*o-sites. Against the background of all of the foregoing, it would seem, the role of family planning centers should only grow, but the opposite is true happening. Those who have already lost the hope of having a child naturally turn to the centers, and, in fact, family planning turned into planning and treatment of barren couples, which every year is becoming more and more among the prosperous layer of the population.

Couples who temporarily do not want to have children (the reasons, in essence, are unimportant) or cannot have children, turn to family planning centers for treatment, which subsequently smoothly goes into monitoring the growth and development of children in these families. Those families who do not think about the birth of children sometimes have not one, but three or more children who, in development, clearly lag behind their peers. And again we are returning to the same time where we started – we need state control of the birth rate. Drinking parents, “stamping” one after another a child with a delay in mental development, will not go to the family planning center, they do not need it! Working for five years in a boarding school for “special” children, I saw at a meeting of the school consultation the same parents who first brought their first -born to this specialized boarding school, then the next child, and again and again … again … What this leads on a scale of the country, probably, it is not necessary to explain. The boarding school is fully funded from the state “pocket”, so why not give birth, and whoever grows from such children is another question.

It is completely clear that the family planning centers are needed, they are necessary for those families who want to have healthy children, therefore, already at the first appeal to the center, future parents are given a questionnaire, where everything is taken into account – from their age to the financial situation and plans for the future. By going to the site of any center, you can read many articles on what terms is best to make conception, what are the favorable periods between childbirth, how to prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy and what to do if the pregnancy still has come, and the possibilities to support the unborn child, from parents, from the parents No, and much more.

There is no answer to the main question – what will happen to the child if one of the parents does not, or the parents will disperse, or the disease of one of the parents is turned upside down. Where then look for help? The state? It is unlikely, this is the problem. Relatives will raise a child, and maybe just guardians from among the closest, in the worst case – the very state that promises a “happy childhood”, but does not give it. Gloomy picture? But – real, because all this from the practice of a psychologist on family problems.