Features of repairing Kenmore washing machines: rules and recommendations

Kenmore brand washing machines are high quality, reliable and durable. However, they also wear out, are subject to abuse and break down. To understand the causes and type of malfunctions, it is recommended to study more information on mannyappliances.com.

The main types of breakdowns and their causes

Excessive loads, when a lot of laundry is loaded, or it piles up into one huge lump, dirt accumulating in the drain lines, poor-quality water used in washing – all this eventually leads to the failure of reliable devices.

Among the main malfunctions that can happen to a machine of this type, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Overloading of laundry, when instead of the recommended number of kilograms, more is placed in the tank. This immediately has an increased impact on the motor and heating element and can cause them to fail. The wiring may also overheat.
  2. Oxidation of contacts, breakdown of sensors that trigger automation.
  3. Various foreign objects that go with the water can clog the drain and lead to pump failure.
  4. The presence of excess iron or calcium in the water leads to fouling of the heating element, it heats worse, so the water does not reach the required temperatures required in a particular operating mode.
  5. The control unit may also fail. This is a rare breakdown, but very sensitive.
  6. Most often, the rubber seal around the loading hatch breaks due to careless handling.

In case of malfunctions, it is recommended to order repairs on mannyappliances, using the services of qualified technicians who specialize in Kenmore machines and know everything about their structure.

Repair features

Washing machines have the ability to self-diagnosis, when the system determines the type of failure and displays an error code on the display. The instruction manual contains explanations and explanations of all indications, but it is worth considering that the code can combine a whole group of breakdowns and not identify the causes of the malfunction. This parameter is expressed by two letters of the Latin alphabet.

It is necessary to determine what the indicator means and carry out correction work. This could be a clog in the hoses, or excess laundry in the tank. You can also reset the code by turning the machine on and off. It is worth learning more about repairs on https://mannyappliances.com/washing-machine-repair/electrolux-washer-repair-services/, where specialists give recommendations.

If the error remains, the machine does not work, or does not perform some functions, then you should contact a service center for a full diagnosis and repair.