Feeding a newborn child will have a child!

Feeding a newborn child

Breast milk is considered the most useful nutrition for the baby, because it contains all nutrients necessary for the development of crumbs. The natural feeding of a newborn child also provides it with maximum protection against various diseases. So that the immunity of the crumbs is always at the proper level very importantly, it is very important to feed the baby with breast milk as long as possible.


Основным инстинктом новорожденного является чувство голода, поэтому он, можно сказать, рождается с рефлексом сосания. Если во время кормления малыш не получил необходимое количество молока, он может плакать, хныкать и даже кричать. Кроха еще не может говорить, поэтому проснувшись или начав плакать, он извещает свою маму, что голоден. В это время малыш начинает жадно искать ротиком материнскую грудь. Процесс сосания груди для новорожденного является серьезной и сложной работой, требующей немалых усилий. Получив порцию материнского молока и устав сосать, малыш спокойно уснет с блаженным выражением. Еда в этом возрасте для него является главной радостью.

Рефлекс сосания

Откуда малышу известно, что он должен сосать грудь? Everything is very simple. С этим рефлексом ребенок рождается, и он пока является главным удовольствием в жизни новорожденного. You can often notice how he sucks a finger, clothes or fists. Thus, the baby makes it clear to his mother that he is hungry, although sometimes he does it purely out of love for this occupation. It is impossible to allow it to become a habit. Therefore, you need to try that the baby receives the required amount of mother’s milk during feeding. It is also not advisable to reduce the number and duration of feeding.

The regime of feeding

This used to be believed that the newborn should be fed strictly according to the schedule. Modern pediatricians recommend feeding the baby depending on his individual characteristics (weight, appetite, needs, etc.) or when he wants it, but with the interval between feedings no more than 3-4 hours.

So that the baby does not begin to cry in the search for the mother’s breast 1-2 hours after the last feeding, thereby reducing the intervals between them, the baby needs to be fed in a sufficient volume. Otherwise, there is often a habit of in small portions, and in the future it can become a real problem, when at an older age the number of feedings will decrease, and the intervals between them will increase.

The quality of milk

The baby initially receives “first” milk, consisting mainly of water, but rich in lactose, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The child can quench thirst with this milk. Only fat can cause a feeling of saturation, but its baby receives only at the end of breastfeeding. Therefore, in order for the baby to fully develop, he must receive breast milk in full.

In the process of breastfeeding, the composition of mother’s milk, depending on the needs of the baby, is constantly changing. Each child in the process of feeding receives milk with a unique composition, which is intended only for him.

Adapted mixtures

Когда грудное вскармливание недостаточное или вообще невозможно, возникает необходимость введения в питание новорожденного адаптированной смеси. When choosing it, you need to take into account the age and mass of the crumbs, its physical development and needs. With artificial nutrition, it is recommended to be carefully and gradually introduce a new mixture so as not to harm your baby. It must be taken into account that a child may develop an allergic reaction.

When transferring a newborn to artificial feeding, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician. He will offer a suitable adapted mixture and teach feeding techniques.