Finishing a house from a profiled timber

Any professional builder, engaged in the construction of wood structures, will confirm: the finish of the house from a profiled timber is never performed immediately after the end of work. It may not be needed by exactly built walls and other surfaces if you are a fan of a classic wooden interior. If not, then with the ennolation of the dwelling and outside and from the inside you will have to wait from a year to two.

This time should just be enough that the process of shrinkage of the building has finally ended. Its [process] is also sometimes called the Osushka.

Internal elements

Under what kind of texture of the walls of the wall should be treated with a foam or, more simply, varnish.

Forms of floors, as well as ceiling, walls and corners are covered with curly plinths. In general, the flooring of the floors occurs in each room in turn. In this case, a dumped board is used. Then it can easily be dismantled. During the academic, disassembly occurs followed by tightening with wedges. Instead of screed, you can break through the floors with self-tapping screws, and lay 10-type plywood slabs on them.

The ceiling area is filled using a dry lining. Each of the boards is tightly driven into a spike. It is better to do this for self -tapping screws or galvanized nails.

Ceilings, as well as the floors of the attic are processed similarly.

Internal partitions can be of two types:


From a strict timber.

This moment is stipulated at the stage of compiling a contract between the executor of the work and the customer. The former usually divide the space inside the house into rooms. The second – serve as a house carrying for the dimensions along the axis of the pediment. By the way, the septum of the frame -chip type can be performed indefatigated or insulated, steam and hydro -permeable, soundproof.

So, after a couple of years, the interior decoration of the house from a profiled timber is made using modern materials, which include: drywall, laminate, plywood, wallpaper and so on. The ceiling can be made by suspended or stretch.

And outside?

The outer part of the walls should also not be sheathed for a couple of years. The corners need to be thoroughly thoroughly coded and ennobled by lining. A year later, it is removed, the corners are reinstalled (as an option – they are soldered), the ends of the beam are primed. Lining – universal material. Other external elements of the structure are finished with it: Celestrons, Groups, cornices. Immediately after the completion of construction work, the beam should be treated outside with a moisture -liner composition. A good option – foam -out. As for painting work, it all depends on the desire of the customer.

Also, after completing work on the construction of the house, it is very important to ensure its drying, ventilation, ventilation of its inner part. For example, the sash can be dismantled, painted and stored for about 3 months in a dark and necessarily a dry place. The resulting openings are covered with a film, protecting the inside from atmospheric precipitation. But such measures will be needed if you do not have the opportunity at this stage to be constantly in the house in order to control the ventilation process, which takes three or six months in the warm and cold season, respectively.

Windows and doors

Door and window blocks are inserted into the corresponding openings so as to provide vertically and horizontally necessary gaps. Vertical is necessary for installation in level. The upper horizontal is tolerance to the Lesser, and the lower is necessary for insulation and waterproofing. The size of the upper gap is 50-70 mm, the lower – 20-30 mm. If the window blocks of the rustic type are installed, fiber. It is better to immediately fix the glass with the help of graduates. Painting of window structures occurs immediately after the completion of construction. This helps to protect them from moisture and warping due to the influence of the external environment (rain, direct sunlight).

All gaps are mandatory insulated with foam and insulation. In addition, they must be cashed out (outside and inside) and waterproofed.