Free courses for future mothers

“I will be a mother soon!”After the first euphoria, a period of doubt occurs. How the birth will pass? What to do during fights? How to feed, bathe, raise and raise a child later? Most of these questions can find answers when attending courses for expectant mothers. Those who are not the first to have a baby is also useful to refresh memory, because the period of infancy is quickly and much is forgotten.

What is taught in the courses?

The choice of courses for preparing for childbirth is huge. Starting from long programs covering more pregnancy, to express courses in one lesson. To understand what to learn, it is recommended to get acquainted with the topics of seminars.

Most often, the following blocks are included there:

one. General information about childbirth – watching video and description of physiological processes.

2. Childbirth: harbingers, fights, poses, attempts. Woman’s behavior at all stages.

3. The story of proper breathing, demonstration of exercises.

four. Breastfeeding. Pros and cons, the difference from feeding mixtures.

5. Care for newborn.

6. Family psychology.

7. The condition of the woman after childbirth, the fight against postpartum depression.

eight. Development of a child in the first year of life: necessary examinations, doctors, vaccinations.

Many centers also offer seminars in partnerships, which include the provision of information to future dads about their role in childbirth and further participation in the life of the baby. In addition, in connection with a large number of single mothers, separate classes are held for them, dedicated to the difficulties of an independent mother.

Courses for expectant mothers can be held on the basis of female consultations and maternity hospitals, but most often they are organized by family centers and private clinics. If seminars are held on the initiative of private companies, then they can also include a course of gymnastics and breathing trainings.

Who leads the courses?

В обязательном порядке в течение всего времени обучения с женщинами должны пообщаться следующие специалисты:

• obstetrician-gynecologist;

• neonatologist;

• Psychologist;

• breastfeeding specialist.

Each doctor should be a practitioner, otherwise the information provided by pregnant women will be outdated. All lectures should be held in a friendly atmosphere. Information should be complete and provided from various angles, that is, to be advisory in nature.

Choosing courses for expectant mothers, it is very important to visit a trial lesson and evaluate the level and quality of the information presented. Do not attend classes if the lecturer is not trustworthy. A woman comes to study, and if she will perceive all information with skepticism, then there will be no sense from seminars.

Additional services

The organizers of the courses for expectant mothers try to cover all issues in which they can help pregnant women. And it is not only about theoretical classes. In order for communication to bring maximum benefits to health, many courses offer sports classes for women. Depending on the conditions of the center, this can be:

• Fitness for pregnant women – gymnastics and breathing exercises;

• yoga – relaxation and rest;

• Aquaerobika – on the territory of its or rented pool.

However, it is often difficult to do with one preparation for childbirth. After all, when the fights begin, all the information can simply fly out of the head, panic begins. Moreover, the medical staff very often comes to the woman in labor only before the birth of the baby, and the most difficult period of waiting, the woman conducts one. Now this can be avoided. Moreover, there are two ways:

one. Take the spouse to childbirth;

2. Take part in the program “Exception in childbirth”.

If a choice is made in favor of the husband, then you need to attend courses for pregnant women together. After all, a man is absolutely incomprehensible to the process of childbirth – it scares him. The spouse will be able to become an assistant in this difficult matter only if he overdoles his fear and will be sure of the correctness of his actions. At the end of the courses, the future dad will give a certificate of their passage. This document ensure trust, support and sympathy of doctors in childbirth.

“Supervision in childbirth” is the help of a professional obstetrician from the moment of the first fight to the moment of the appearance of the baby. Support and qualified medical care is the key to easy birth and moral peace of mind.

In addition, the courses for expectant mothers are offered by other specialists who are most often in demand after childbirth:

• Family psychologist;

• swimming instructor.

A child is happiness. And this means that parents should arm themselves with all possible knowledge so that the path of a small person begins successfully. And in this way, first of all, courses for expectant mothers help.

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