Glazing balconies with aluminum profile »Price, advantages and disadvantages

Today, the glazing of balconies with an aluminum profile is one of the most affordable, and therefore popular methods for its modification for the better. This process even received the special name “cold”.

The transition from wood to aluminum was due to the best indicators of the latter, which he demonstrates during operation. This is strength, reliability, and the lack of need to especially care for it, and a long service life.

Wanting to protect your home (or rather, its certain part) from dust, wind, snow or rain, you can’t find a better solution.

On the main advantages of the profile

In Russia, glazing balconies with aluminum develops at a rather rapid pace. And the point here is not only the cost of the installation procedure (although its value cannot be underestimated), but also in a number of advantages that the owner of the housing receives. Briefly describe each.


According to the results of laboratory tests, as well as user reviews, aluminum glazing is about three times stronger than polyvinyl chloride, and seven times stronger than wooden.

Long life

The profile of the type of type is characterized by two remarkable qualities. Firstly, it perfectly opposes the adverse effects of climatic nature. Secondly, it is completely not subject to corrosion processes. Following the operating rules, one can hope that it will last about 80 years permanently.

Environmental Safety

In the process of producing profiles, only completely safe materials are used for human health. They do not distinguish harmful substances during the operation, and does not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions. This circumstance is strictly controlled by manufacturers.


The shape and size of the balcony does not matter when using the profile of the type of type. Moreover, in some cases, the use of polyvinyl chloride structures is unacceptable due to their weight. Easy aluminum is the only accessible solution in this case.

Saving space

One of the main advantages. As you know, aluminum wings are shifted along the guides (horizontal). A similar system makes them similar to the door wardrobes. As a result, the space is not limited, even if the wings are in the open position.

Elementary operation

Special care with additional financial costs, aluminum does not require. To maintain a glazing system in cleanliness, just wipe it with warm water. The use of detergents is allowed, but only neutral type. Furniture should be wiped with ordinary machine oil (at least once a year).

Functionality and modern appearance

The balcony with new glazing looks very modern and very elegant. The choice in favor of a narrow profile allows you to slightly decorate the facade of the building, increase the area of ​​the light opening, supplement the interior.

About value

What depends on the price of glazing balconies with aluminum profile? The most important parameter affecting it is the area of ​​the window structure. If, for example, it is required to perform glazing work in a regular “Khrushchev”, then an aluminum structure is 3 030 wide and 1,470 mm high will cost about 15,000 rubles.

If we talk about houses like P-46, then two options are possible here:

2 800 mm per 1,440 mm – from 9 410 rubles;

4,000 mm per 1,440 mm – from 12 767 rubles.

As you can see, prices are very, very democratic. Compared to similar designs from PVC profile.

And yet he is warm?

Despite the fact that the glazing of balconies with an aluminum profile is understood, first of all, its “cold” variety, there is the possibility of installing “warm” glazing. For this, a special profile is used that supports the possibility of installing double glasses, as well as double -glazed windows. To improve its thermal qualities, there are special plastic inside that prevents precious heat losses. However, to achieve the required result, it is necessary to insulate the ceiling, floors and parapet. Otherwise, money spent on a special profile can be considered an unnecessary waste.