Glazing balconies with aluminum profile Provedal

More and more Russians choose glazing balconies with aluminum profile Provedal. These systems came to us from Spain relatively recently. However, during the time that they are presented on the market, many homeowners appreciated the excellent performance of these structures.

Their most important “chip” is a sliding system, thanks to which the useful area of ​​the balconies is preserved. The sashes easily, silently and smoothly glide on rollers covered with polymer coating. Rubber seal located between the sash and glass reliably protects the interior of the balcony from dust and moisture. To fix the wings in the closed position, a special latch is used.

In addition, the glazing of balconies with an aluminum profile of Prvedal has other advantages:

a high degree of illumination, which is due to the minimum thickness of the wings and frames;

small weight of the finished structure (allows you to perform the surgery);

the possibility of quick removal of the wings in order to free the window opening;


ensuring optimal fire safety indicators.

Due to the inertia of aluminum to the environment, as well as high -quality painting of each structure, the manufacturer guarantees that its products will have an attractive design throughout the entire service life. Distinguish between two basic colors – dark brown and white. The used components used have the corresponding coloring. If the project provides for a different color scheme, then the aluminum profile is painted in any of the colors presented in the RAL catalog.

The structural features of the systems under consideration allow you to create products either in one glass or with a double -glazed window. In the second case, it is implied by the swing option for opening the wings.

Varieties and their characteristics

In most cases, two varieties of the profile are used-S-640 and P-400.

Technical characteristics of the first:

the width of the standard version (2 -uh holochaven) – 64 mm;

The permissible number of wings – two, three, four or six;

type of filling – 5 – or 6 -type glass;

Standard color – white;

sound insulation level-from 20 to 27 dB.

Using the profile of the S -640, it is possible to create two or three -lane options.

Technical characteristics of the second:

width – 40 mm;

Filling – 5 – and 6 -type glass;

type of sealing – elastomers (correspond to EPDM);

sound insulation level-from 20 to 27 dB.

Thanks to various connecting, decorative and additional elements, the production of arched, triangular and trapezoidal products is possible. At the same time, the sash can be both rotary or swinging, or motionless, that is, deaf.

The price of pleasure

What amount will need to be given for glazing balconies with a Prvedal system (spent)? It should be noted that its cost is one of the most affordable, if you compare the aluminum profile and, say, the plastic of Rehau Blitz or Delight.

Depending on the shape and overall dimensions of the balcony, the prices of the installed structures are also distinguished:

3 -meter balcony – 22 900 rubles;

“Iron” – 27 900 rubles;

P -shaped balcony – 27 200 rubles;

“Board” – 32 500 rubles;

Bearing balcony – 37,700 rubles.

Please note: the above values ​​are the final cost, which includes not only the manufacture of the structure, but also its delivery and installation, components and accessories. So, in the first case, the price of the design itself is 10,900 rubles, accessories and components – 6,500 rubles, installation and delivery – 5,500 rubles. In total we have already mentioned above 22,900 rubles. By the way, by accessories and components are meant an aluminum tint, a windowsill, a polyester visor, the trinkets (necessary for closing foam, are installed on the sides), a mosquito net, an inhibitory profile. Similarly with all other prices given. By and large, the dimensions of the balcony are of main importance, and the equipment of the system remains unchanged.