Glazing of cottages with plastic windows, glazing facades, panoramic glazing

With an increase in demand for suburban housing, glazing of cottages with plastic windows becomes increasingly popular. Experts note that the performance of work in this case requires a much more subtle approach than in the case of an apartment. It’s all about the complexity of which the direct influence on which they have:

numerous designer delights;

various forms of openings, their non -standard configurations and sizes.

Windows in cottages can be triangular, round, arched, oval, multicomposite shape. And if you need a quality result, then you can’t do without the help of specialists. Only the experienced performer can correct the same measurements correctly and correctly install structures.

In general, glazing cottages with plastic windows should be paid maximum attention. Because it is these elements that give the structure exclusivity. And in order for them to harmonize with the rest of the exterior elements, the help of an experienced designer and architect will need.

About the advantages

As one of the most modern options for glazing of a suburban dwelling, a plastic window has a number of undeniable advantages:

increased strength and resistance to illegal influences, that is, to hacking;

excellent ability to maintain heat in the cold season (especially important for those who live in a cottage throughout the year);

a long service life, which is also facilitated by the use of reliable, high -quality fittings;

ability to take any form.

Is an economy option possible?

The exclusivity of window structures is, of course, a good thing. But what if the budget size does not make it possible to walk around? In this case, you can save. By installing selective glazing. Its essence lies in the fact that in rooms that do not require special protection and maintenance of heat, inexpensive windows are installed. The appearance of the structure does not lose anything, but the savings are decent.

Over the past 10 years, approximately 80-85% of the total number of country houses and cottages were erected using plastic windows. Their sound – and thermal insulation properties, reliability, strength and durability are valued today.

Alternative solutions

However, it is worth noting that polyvinyl chloride profile is not the only material that is popular among the population. For example, glazing of cottages facades is often performed using aluminum profile.

In most cases, customers give him preference due to non -standard architectural solutions selected for the house. Due to the small weight of structures from this metal, they do not create special problems during the installation process.

In the case of facades, aluminum constructions are interesting in that the frame elements do not contain. In addition, they have excellent hydro- heat and sound insulation properties.

Element of luxury

For some time now, panoramic glazing of cottages has become an integral element of suburban housing construction. In cities it can be found in luxurious penthouses. For some reason, it is sometimes called “French windows”, but the French special love for this element to this day has not been confirmed.

What is understood by such glazing? Its essence is to install window structures in the entire area of ​​the wall or walls. That is, from the ceiling to the floor. Designers recommend using it only on condition that the area of ​​the home is 250 m2 or more, and the height of the ceilings is from 4 meters. Otherwise, the element may look like a foreign.

Apparent vulnerability is nothing more than just an illusion. According to its strength characteristics, panoramic glazing is completely not inferior to other types of similar designs. High resistance to hacking is ensured by shock -resistant double -glazed windows, as well as anti -velic accessories.

By the way, the use of glazing of this type increases the value of real estate two or more times.