Glazing of the veranda with aluminum profile or polycarbonate

The glazing of the veranda with an aluminum profile is one of the many options for giving exterior home construction of elegance. Moreover, a glazed veranda is an almost open terrace. But only if sliding frames of aluminum or non -bramberry glazing are used.

Using an aluminum profile, you can increase the reliability indicator of the design as a whole. In general, when drawing up the project, all calculations should be made, based on the fact that serious daily loads will be on the veranda. In addition, it is worth planning its permanent operation. But this is already a question not to the owner of a country house, but to an organization that will engage in installation.

Preference to glazing the veranda with aluminum profile, the customer receives a design characterized by a lot of advantages:

excellent resistance to corrosion processes;

resistance to high temperatures;


attractive appearance;

good indicators of sound – and thermal insulation;

Comfortable use.

As you know, manufacturers of aluminum products give a guarantee for up to 80 years. More than just a pleasant bonus, is it so?

This metal has been valued at all times. At one time he was even attributed to precious. Products from it are allowed to operate all year round without any restrictions. At the same time, you can not be afraid that, for example, temperature changes will somehow affect its strength. Under the influence of temperatures, the profile has no tendency to expand, that is, it cannot crack under any circumstances.

Static electricity never accumulates on the surface of the profile. You can’t say this about plastic, by the way. In addition, over time, bloating or unevenness is not formed on the surface of aluminum products.

Finally, an aluminum profile is always a clean profile. Since neither the sun nor moisture is terrible for it, microcracks are formed on the surface of products from this metal.

And the most important quality is, of course, a small weight. You can order a frame for a veranda any size and configuration. To install the wall strengthening it, you do not need to perform.

About the innovative version

Recently, more and more owners of suburban housing have been interested in the glazing of the veranda with polycarbonate. It is completely deservedly called the material of the 21st century. This super -resistant and universal material is widely used not only in architecture, but also in design, agriculture, advertising and even medicine.

Why is it interesting to those who plan to modify their veranda? In many ways, the popularity of cellular polycarbonate is explained by its excellent operational characteristics. It should be especially noted:

a variety of shapes and a wide range of possible colors;

protection against ultraviolet radiation;

resistance to temperature fluctuations in the range -40 … +120 degrees Celsius;

the ability to withstand the effects of the mechanical type;

Excellent heat indicators – and sound insulation.

In addition, polycarbonate can be used with a profile of any structure.

If we talk about his safety in the event of a fire, then he belongs to the category of self -substituting materials. That is, under the influence of open fire, it melts, but immediately breaks up into the thread. On the ground or on the floor, each of them falls completely cooled.

In addition to the two considered options, glazing of the veranda in the country can be performed using wood, plastic, sliding panels, non -safe glazing, and so on. The final option depends solely on the imagination of the homeowner and his financial capabilities.