Glazing with aluminum profile: price, cold and warm glazing

As of today, the glazing of loggias with an aluminum profile is a good option for turning this auxiliary room into something more useful than a refuge for any trash. Depending on the desire and financial capabilities of the customer, the loggia can be used to expand the area of ​​the apartment by organizing a study here or, for example, just an additional place of rest.

However, it must be borne in mind that glazing using the aforementioned profile is only the first step towards turning the auxiliary room into an additional room. And depending on the goals you should choose between the “cold” performance and the “warm”.


This option involves the use of a conventional profile. Aluminum, from which it is made, is by itself the conductor of the cold. As well as glass. Choosing such a type of glazing, the owner of the apartment receives protection from snow, dust, wind, rain and noise, but not from the cold. Compared to other options, this is characterized by the minimum cost.


In this case, we can already talk about acceptable conditions (including temperature) on the loggia. But they need to provide them with a special profile with thermal facilities. The only difficulty that you can encounter is a higher price compared to the previous option.

The third option

It is also possible to perform remote glazing, which provides for its installation not on the plane of the wall of the house, but with some indentation from it. Usually it is 200-300 millimeters. An increase in area occurs due to the installation of an additional window sill. There are no problems here, because aluminum structures do not greatly increase the load on the walls.

Possible approaches

What approaches are possible to glazing loggias with aluminum profile? There are three of them:

just make the utility room warm;

turn the loggia into a place for storing various things;

Make it part of the apartment, having carried out heating and lighting here.

How much you need to spend on ennoblement?

As the analysis of the proposals of various performers shows, the price of glazing of the loggia with an aluminum profile most often includes the delivery of the finished structure to the house to the customer, its lifting and installation, installation of window sills, sealing.

Depending on the type of house in which you live, the cost of execution of the order is different:

A large loggia in houses of the P-3 type can be glazed for 22,500 rubles;

semicircular in houses of the P -3M type – for 25,000 rubles and above;

“Boot” in the P-44 will require at least 17,500 rubles.

The execution of sliding glazing of a direct loggia with the waterproofing of the parapet will cost you from 15,800 rubles and above.

Glazing of a 6 -type utility room, followed by wood and arrangement of shelves and bedside tables – at 59,500 rubles (minimum).

Thus, you can make your home more comfortable for a quite acceptable price. If in the plans – an increase in the living space at the expense of the utility room, then the amount should be prepared the corresponding. Moreover, it is not only about payment of glazing, but also about obtaining appropriate permits (for the demolition of the wall between the living room and loggia, for example).