Glued beam: obvious advantages

Over the past few decades, the number of country houses has increased multiple. As a result, the construction area is forced to continuously find more and more fast and affordable means to provide the maximum possible number of consumers with effective and inexpensive housing.

Of course, as a result of the exorbitant price and difficulty in manufacture, traditional building materials are now not as popular as before. And therefore, they are replaced by more and more advanced building materials, deprived of the flaws of most outdated solutions. Among the widespread abundance of supermogenous materials, glued beam is undoubtedly released.

The pace of construction

High speed of construction is one of the indisputable advantages of glued timber. Unlike classic building materials, glued beam is much more convenient in work, it is not massive, and its elements are endowed with large sizes and the correct geometric shape, due to which, houses from glued beams are erected incredibly easily and simply, like a designer. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that with a comparable scale of construction, a house made of glued beam is gathered a couple of times more promptly than a stone or brick. Therefore, in order to find the desired housing as quickly as possible, buy a beam will be the most optimal solution.

Lack of shrinkage

A significant aspect directly reflected in a significant acceleration of the pace of construction work is considered an amazingly low degree of humidity of glued beams. В то время как у стандартного оцилиндрованного бревна нормой принято называть 15-18%, то у клееного бруса этот показатель практически вдвое ниже – порядка 8-12%.

В конечном итоге, покупателю не нужно ждать, пока дом полностью устоится, чтобы закончить отделочные работы и вселиться. В результате чего, дом полностью пригоден к отделке или заселению непосредственно по завершении строительства.

Environmental friendliness

Конечно, брус хоть и не столь экологичен, как, допустим, оцилиндрованное бревно, все же производится из стопроцентно природных материалов. Итог применения настоящего дерева – удивительная способность клееного бруса пропускать воздух и, тем самым, обеспечивать поддержание комфортного микроклимата в помещениях.

Naturally, glued beams are additionally processed with special protective compounds from pests, but they are no more toxic than those used, for example, when processing a looped log.

Therefore, when searching for the most environmentally friendly building materials, glued beams will buy a completely rational solution, because in terms of environmental cleanliness, it is not inferior to any of the common materials.

Moderate prices

Naturally, glued beam would not have received such demand, if it was not much cheaper than competitive building materials. The traditional types of materials and are not close to the beam, because the same brick costs several orders of magnitude more expensive. When compared with the galbed log, then the glued beam is a little more profitable, due to the fact that it is much easier to manufacture.

Naturally, the countless advantages of glued beams are not limited to this. However, this is enough to make your choice.