Great alternative, Suzuki Savage 400.

It’s the stupid Japanese who come up with completely inappropriate names for their choppers, all sorts of “Valkyries” and “Virags” – well, is this really serious? Whether it’s the creative of Izhevsk citizens – a junker, all so slender, young and fit, shining with a magnificent military bearing and with a belt on his belt “two fingers”. Why not a great name for a chopper?

Trying to talk seriously about such things as dynamics, comfort, handling or brake efficiency is not necessary in this case – the above properties are not provided by the manufacturer!

The very fact that “this” somehow rides and does not break should already awaken infinite reverence and reverence for Her Majesty Luck, because such a thing as decent quality is also not provided by the factory. should evoke any kind of feelings, but not an understanding of how the designers imagined their work, After all, even under my weight, the tightened Junker before our eyes turns into a heavy cow of a breeding state farm before a record milk yield. But, in theory, there is still room for a passenger, This uh … hell, it says “motorcycle” in the accompanying documentation, left absolutely no driving impressions, even negative. After all, one way or another, but my generation completely went through the school of such “constructor kits”. Therefore, there was no need to expect anything new, except that the forward fork worsened the already not the most outstanding handling. Yes, and the driver’s footrests moved forward in this case give not so much pomp as they give away cheap clowning, a kind of Chinese copy of Adedas sneakers (exactly in such transcription).

In the end, the same “Planet – 5” seems to me a much more logical choice, since due to design features (fewer details) it is simply more reliable. From the fact that a single cylinder either works or it doesn’t (Junker’s fame is that one of the cylinders is always a little hacky compared to the other), and ending with the fact that in order to repair the gearbox (and you can trust me that this is a must required, a matter of time) no need to “half” the engine. Yes, and “water” cooling (yes, that’s right – “water”) does not do its job at all (complaints about a seized piston and numerous questions and answers about repairing the cooling system can be found in specialized publications).

And on the endless topic of eternally crying comrades, what, they say, should the poor, unfortunate owners of 45,000 rubles do, I can safely answer: gentlemen, I congratulate you – after all, this is not such a small amount of money!

And now you have a great alternative – called the Suzuki Savage 400. It costs just the same, and, despite being at least 10 years old, it is in much better condition than the brand new Izh. The only problem is that fans of “twist – twist – stick – improve” have absolutely nothing to do there!

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