High art of choosing a laptop

The abundance of computer technology, which is offered to us well -known and not very famous companies, led to the fact that choosing a laptop is becoming more and more difficult. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, the buyer must realize what he expects from his laptop.

Choosing “beech” “for yourself”, it should be remembered that the main criterion for its choice, unlike a stationary PC, is overall dimensions. It is they who determine the size of the screen, the type of keyboard and the total weight.

In their size, laptops are divided into large -format, medium -format and low -format. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We select the correct size

Large-format have a screen size of 17-19 inches, impressive size and tangible weight. Therefore, they are inconvenient for travel, but are ideal when you decide to replace your bulky PC with a more compact stationary device. The large-format model has high technical specifications, a comfortable keyboard and a large screen.

Small format has a screen from 11 to 13 inches. It is designed specifically for mobile work. Its light weight (less than 1.8 kg) and small size allow it to be carried in both a business women’s bag and a men’s briefcase. Small format designed for frequent offline use up to eight hours. For example, you can buy a laptop in Kharkiv during a business trip, recharge it in a hotel, use it everywhere and not lose a minute of your working time.

Medium format laptops have screens from 14 to 16 inches, and combine the advantages of large and small. They perfectly solve the main tasks of an office nature. Therefore, in most cases, buying a mid-sized laptop will be the best option.

Select the desired type

After choosing the size of the laptop, we need to understand how we want to use it. Someone buys it for work, someone for games, someone needs a regular home computer, at which all family members will sit in turn.

The medium format model, with a screen diagonal of 15 inches, is best suited for work. Compact size allows you to work with office documents almost anywhere. The processor must be of medium power to ensure system performance. The optimal size of RAM for an office laptop is 2-3 GB.

If you want to buy a laptop exclusively for gaming, then get ready for big expenses, as it is desirable to take the maximum: the highest resolution screen, the highest class graphics card, the most powerful processor, the coolest keyboard, etc. P. And it doesn’t matter if you are going to buy a laptop in Kharkov, Odessa or Kyiv – everywhere it will cost a lot, but it will provide excellent game quality.

Home laptops for the whole family (desknotes) are selected according to the same principles as gaming laptops. It is recommended that the desktop has an extended set of connectors, as this will allow you to connect headphones, external devices such as a TV or DVD player, view photos and videos. For ease of viewing, it is better to choose a laptop with a remote control.

I hope that now you know enough to buy exactly the laptop you need and not overpay for it.