Holding a corporate event in the culinary studio Battle of the Tables

Corporate events are an integral part of work in any self-respecting company. They are timed to coincide with a number of holidays, such as New Year, Christmas, etc. One of the ideas for holding it is to visit the Battle of the Tables culinary studio, located in New York.

Corporate cooking events in NYC are a common event in which company employees take part. They collectively, in a pleasant atmosphere, prepare dinner and taste it together.

If you want to unite your team and make an unforgettable impression on them, visit this studio, there:

  • under the patronage of an experienced chef, you will independently prepare a 3-course menu. The resulting portions will not only be large, but also very satisfying. This culinary master class will be remembered by everyone for a long time;
  • the studio provides all the necessary ingredients and equipment;
  • the event will be accompanied by pleasant and unobtrusive music. You can use your own selection or ask for a studio one;
  • while preparing dinner, you can take pictures; those who do not want to cook can dance.

You will be provided with a studio for 3 hours. Cooking time is not limited; you can drink alcohol you bring with you. At the end of the event, you can just go home without worrying about cleaning.

Advantages of holding a corporate event in a culinary studio

This type of corporate event has a number of advantages:

  • a one-time visit to the studio does not imply any obligations to it;
  • you do not need to pay entry fees;
  • to hold a corporate event in the studio, you do not need a membership;
  • the duration of the events is 3 hours, if necessary, you can extend the time by another hour;
  • you will have a chef with you who will reveal the secrets of preparing his signature dishes;
  • you will receive a delicious and satisfying dinner prepared with your own hands. The administration does not object to the drinking of alcoholic beverages by clients of the establishment.

A corporate event held in the New York studio “Battle of the Tables” will lift your spirits and leave a lot of unforgettable and pleasant impressions of the evening. You will be able to feel like part of a single team, learn how to cook new dishes and look at your work colleagues from a completely different perspective.

The studio offers three time options for events: 11.00, 15.00 and 19.00, you can choose any one.