How is the job in Texas?

If your profession is related to the oil and gas industry, as well as mechanics or energy, then Houston is exactly the city where there are not enough local specialists.

In addition to the oil industry in Houston, you can find work in the city’s port, which is the largest port in the United States. Houston has a large number of companies producing:

  • Food;
  • beverages;
  • plastics;
  • electronics.
  • The metallurgical industry is well developed.

Houston is home to the headquarters of the NASA Space Center, as well as the office of the Boeing Company. More than 14.5 thousand people found work in this industry.

Houston is a center for nano and biotechnology, as well as a leading center in the field of:

  • construction;
  • finance;
  • healthcare.

In San Antonio, doctors and scientists dealing with cancer problems can find work. San Antonio is home to the largest cancer center in the United States. Specialists from the countries of the former Soviet Union are most valued for their qualifications and extensive knowledge.

In the capital of Texas – the city of Austin, work can be found by:

  • programmers;
  • web designers;
  • IT engineers;
  • IT technologies;
  • It-mechanics.

Professionals in this industry will be provided with work by such companies as:

  • Apple;
  • IBM;
  • Alcatel Lucent.

Pay Pal and Texas Tool will employ professionals in the following specialties:

  • engineer;
  • manager;
  • marketer;
  • economic analyst.

Russians who do not have a specific specialty can find work in the service sector:

  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • fast foods;
  • the shops.

You can find out about vacancies from the advertisements placed in the newspaper “Our Texas”.