How the space industry is developing in Texas

Space, the last frontier. Since 1957, humanity has been striving to explore beyond our land, and today we are excited to share with you how virtual truckers can participate in these historic and groundbreaking missions.

Texas is home to state-of-the-art development and test sites for several commercial space firms, and studies show that the space industry is a big job for the state, generating $11 billion in revenue a year and providing hundreds of thousands of jobs. So it would be wrong of us to pass up this incredible opportunity to include him in our upcoming Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator.

In the words of Douglas Adams, “Space is great. You just won’t believe how huge, huge, mind-bogglingly huge it is, and it takes a gigantic amount of production, materials and work to ship something there, and this is where we truckers will play a vital role.

Starbay is home to the world’s most advanced spaceflight program; which includes the spaceport and production and development facilities. From delivering goods for employees to construction materials, drivers will play a vital role in the ongoing construction and operation of this spaceport, delivering goods to and from the area. Drivers will also be able to explore the area, including the village of Boca Chica and the famous “We Love to Delay Launches” bird sanctuary.

Houston will also have a famous space center that serves as the official visitor center for the spaceport. Here, visitors can see used rockets and space shuttles from famous space flights. It’s really worth passing by, so don’t miss it on your journey!

So while trucking hasn’t officially gone into space yet, we can all take “one small step” closer to help make it happen! We’re excited about what the future holds when it comes to space travel and we can’t wait for you to explore and test these important space industries in Texas for yourself in the future.