How to buy a car in a car dealership?

If you already know which car you want to buy, you know its brand, then you do not need to rush to purchase a vehicle for yourself.

If you already know which car you want to buy, you know its brand, then you do not need to rush to purchase a vehicle for yourself. After all, first you need to inspect the body, because it happens that a car can hit in factories or workshops, and small scratches will appear, and why a car is needed for a frantic amount – broken?

If you have already figured out the body, then you need to start the motor, and let it warm up a little. Many assure that the motor is rampant to work like a clock. And this is true, because he should work not only calmly, but also quietly. It is also worth paying attention immediately to the kilometer of the speedometer, because there should be approximately 20-30 kilometers. The smaller, the of course you will be better for you. If the car was driven, as they say by “self -propelled”, for example, from the same Togliatti, then deny yourself the purchase of this car. After all, it is not known what the driver was, and how he reacted to this vehicle.

We advise when purchasing a car, taking with you a person who really understands this. Also, before you started the engine, it is worth checking the level of brake fluid, antifreeze, as well as oil. If you see that the oil in the car has a white-muddy color, then it is worth refusing to purchase this model, because it means that it has a gasket for a broken.

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If you still have found the car that is suitable for all conditions, but you see that there are some small flaws in it, then do not have time to desperate. After all, small mistakes are fixed, it is possible, if it is certainly within the rational. No one will give you a hundred percent guarantee that having bought some kind of car in the cabin, it will not break from you on the second day. After all, this is iron, which means anything can happen to it. It is worth noting that after the purchase, you do not need to leave the car unattended until you get a technical passport, as well as numbers.

After all, at any moment, theft may happen, and then you will no longer prove that you really had a car, no one can find it. We also recommend putting an anti -theft device on the machine. In our time, the choice of these devices is very great, you should not have any problems with this. When buying, it is best to pay attention to absolutely everything. After all, it is better to be very safe for a thousand times than just throw the money earned once once by labor.