How to choose cheap stretch ceilings?

It is generally accepted that stretch ceilings are very expensive, but there are quite acceptable options with which you can dignily design the room.

Stretch ceilings do an excellent job of problems that arise when repairing the surface using other types of finishes. Stretch ceilings can stand unchanged for many years, that is, the color, shape and strength of the products will not change. PVC film does not require any special care: it is enough to wipe the surface with a soft rag moistened in a solution based on alcohol once a year.

The cost of products depends on many factors: countries – manufacturers, quality of the material, surface textures, complexity of installation, room area, number of bends and angles. The final cost can only calculate the specialist after inspection and measurement of the room, so do not immediately contact firms that offer cheap stretch ceilings.

The price of Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian products is much lower than the cost of similar German or French stretch ceilings. The same can be said about the quality of the material.

The cheapest stretch ceilings have a matte surface, which completely eliminates the reflections. The matte surface creates the effect of perfectly flat plaster, so it is used to create a strictly style of the room. Typically, a matte surface can be seen in administrative buildings, as well as in houses with a classic interior.

A little more expensive than cheap stretch ceilings with a matte surface are satin products. In appearance, they slightly resemble satin fabric, so the effect of a painted ceiling is created. The satin structure is characterized by a lightweight game of light. Basically, such a film is used in apartments, offices, banks and medical institutions.

The cost of glossy products by approximately 20% exceeds the price of matte PVC – ceilings. The range of varnish films is very diverse: there are more than 100 shades and colors of the film with different characteristics of shine and reflective ability. Glossy films visually increase the height of the ceiling due to high reflective ability. Light coatings look great in tiny rooms with low ceilings, in particular in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Dark tones are suitable for hotels and restaurants, night clubs and concert halls.

Modern cheap suspended ceilings make it possible to adequately design the interior of the room for little money. Compared to suspended and drywall structures, they are attractive in terms of a variety of decoration options. If we take into account the entire set of expenses that are spent on the repair of the ceiling, take into account the life of the operation, multifunctionality and high techniquity, it will become obvious that the installation of PVC film is much more profitable than all other options. However, it is necessary to order products only from a reliable company that supplies quality goods, otherwise disappointment may occur.

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