How to choose metal -plastic windows »Important nuances

Understanding how to choose metal -plastic windows correctly is based on the assessment of their technical characteristics and reputation of the manufacturer. The second is especially important in a situation where not quite conscientious manufacturers are trying to bring to the market inexpensive, but poor -quality goods.

What we look and how we evaluate?

The first thing the buyer should pay attention to is the profile from which this or that window structure is made. It can be both domestic and imported production. The second, of course, is more preferable for obvious reasons. It is now very fashionable to use secondary raw materials for the production of inexpensive analogues of products. Keep in mind that the quality suffers very strongly. Therefore, the seller must be interested in whether secondary raw materials were used in the production process of a particular profile.

The high -quality base of the design for windows (for example, German) is able to withstand both temperature changes from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius, and dynamic loads. In addition, the reinforcing profile of the described products should be at least one and a half millimeters. It is very clearly visible on the cut of products that are like to demonstrate managers-salesman. The best option is when the reinforcing profile is made of galvanized steel. Why? For two reasons:

Firstly – such a profile copes better with dynamic loads on the structure (for example, with a flubble wind);

secondly – it has excellent resistance to the destructive effects of corrosion.

You may encounter the fact that black metal was used to create a reinforcing profile. In this case, it is likely that he will rust. As a result, the area of ​​the water -based holes of the window structure is painted in a characteristic red color.

How many cameras inside the profile are considered sufficient? At least three, and these three cameras should necessarily be in the frame and in the sash.

Particular attention should be paid to such an element as a double -glazed window. Since it is the basis of the window structure, a number of special requirements are presented to it:

The minimum number of cameras (air) is two, since the average temperature of the winter months does not allow Russian citizens to use single -chamber packages;

thickness – 32 mm or more. The reason is the same as in the case of installing a two -chamber package instead of a single -chamber;

Glass brand – the polished glass of the Borsk glass factory will be an ideal option. It has a marking M1. You can, of course, order an imported, but higher cost you will see, but the fundamental difference is unlikely. Inexpensive brands and little -known manufacturers are guaranteed distortion, as well as the likelihood that glass cannot withstand loads;

Coating a heat -reflecting type – this special film is one of the latest developers of manufacturers of window structures. Thanks to its use, the owner of the dwelling becomes possible to significantly minimize heat loss. However, it is not necessary to use it. But in the list of structures proposed by the supplier for window openings, it must be without fail.

As for the fittings, it is easier to. Unfortunately, so far the domestic manufacturer cannot please us with high -quality products. Therefore, it is worth turning your eyes to the imported accessories of the same Germany, for example.

Any self -respecting manufacturer has a special exhibition site in his office, which houses a real example of a product of the described type. Slices of the profile, which are offered to the consumer, should also be placed here. It is a careful study of such slices that will help determine how high -quality or poor -quality products you want to sell or try to “suck” you. By the way, pay attention to how much a specific company asks for the replacement of old structures with new. If 10% -20% of the cost of the new product, then this is normal. Unless, of course, these “interest” includes dismantling the installed structures, lifting a new product to the desired floor, and so on. Otherwise all these works can calculate separately.