How to insulate metal -plastic windows

Not everyone thinks about how to insulate metal -plastic windows during their installation. After all, the very fact of the installation of these designs implies getting rid of unwanted street noises and preserving the required temperature regime. However, over time, the noise became better heard, and the room is cooler ..

Do not immediately beat the alarm and feverishly look for the phone of the company that installed the window block. It is likely that the problem is to be solved on its own. To do this, you just need to understand what it is.

Where definitely is not to look

In order to immediately narrow the circle of searches, it should be noted: the cause of drafts in the room, the polyvinyl chloride profile cannot be. The fact is that a tree can “go”, but not plastic. After all, its indicators of thermal and chemical stability are quite high.

A similar situation with a glass -glazed window (provided that the sash is reliably closed). Cold winds can blow it in only one case: if the tightness is broken.

Problem areas

We list the most likely “weak links” of window blocks:




And now about each of them in more detail.

Troubles with slopes may occur due to the fact that their finish was incorrectly performed. In addition, a leap joint of slope and frame is a direct path for drafts inside the apartment. If hard plastic was used to finish the slope, then the situation is very easy to fix. The space between the block frame and the plane of the wall can be filled with mounting foam, foamed by the heat insulator or basalt fiber (plates). The result must be fixed: outside and inside, the insulation is protected using insulating materials.

Over time, the walls of the houses and, accordingly, window openings can give “shrinkage”. The most common this phenomenon can be observed in new buildings. As a result, we have a skew. You can get rid of it by adjusting the appropriate accessories.

On average, the seal perfectly copes with its task for the first five years after installing the window structure. After this period, an elasticity loss is possible. But the proper care of the window block is able to “stretch” these five years for ten. If such a care was not timely provided with the seal, then it must either be restored or replaced with a new.

In order to replace the sealant, you will have to conduct an operation under the terrible name “Opening”. In other words, it is required to extract a double -glazed window from the sash. Carefully remove the clogged guitance, take out a double -glazed window, change the seal that has lost elasticity. Replacement involves the extraction of the old and laying in a special groove of new material. For fidelity, you can fix it with glue. Sometimes the consumer begins to doubt if there is a difference between a black and gray rubber? The answer is: there is no difference, they are completely interchangeable. After the plan is completed, you need to return the double -glazed window to the place. It is advisable to modify the joy of successfully completed work a bit and switch all your attention to the stack. This element is characterized by a very high degree of fragility. And if you do not carefully treat it, it will definitely break. In this case, you can forget about the return of the double -glazed window to the same place. Forever and ever.

As you can see, some measures for insulation are quite simple, while others are not very. Therefore, if there is the slightest doubt about the success of the case, it is better to seek help from the company that installed window structures made of polyvinyl chloride in the apartment.