How to sell a car.

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How to sell a car

Here are some tips on how to sell a car. First of all, by the time of inspection, the car should be impeccably clean from all sides. At the sight of the growth of dirt under the hood or not the bottom, a potential buyer can immediately say goodbye to you. The engine is also to wash to shine. And the body is also polished. Keep in mind with special attention meticulous motorists examine hard -to -reach places of the car, in particular the wheel arches. Do not be too lazy to process the body from the internal crtorone; The best argument for a bastard client may be a brilliant factory paint under a rug in the trunk.Carefully peel and drop the salon thoroughly. Do not try to rub the front panel

cheap silicone lips – you get an unaesthetic “sticky” shine. Another thing is the specifically deeds that displace dirt from microcracks and close up small scratches, giving a fresh look to plastic. For fabric and leather upholstery of the salon, there are effective cleaning drugs.

According to psychologists, almost a third of the first impression made by the machine depends on the type of wheels, dull, especially rusted discs – the argument is not in your favor. Do not forget to clean them.

What to do with small chips, scratches and spots of rust on the body? If the polish does not cope with them, it is better to leave everything as it is. Inexperienced sellers are trying to tint them or disguise them with stickers, but this can only bring the buyer to suspicion that they are trying to slip a beaten car for him. On the contrary, the untouched factory paint, albeit with defects, convinces that the car was not subjected to serious body repair.

But minor technical malfunctions are rezon to eliminate before the sale of the car. Sometimes a car seller warns that, for example, oil leaks or, for example, junk air conditioning, and offers to reduce the price by the amount of repairs, but this option will not be arranged by every buyer. At the same time, a lot of people are ready to pay a little more, but it is very useful to get a car that they don’t have to “bring it to mind” right away if you can document the history of your car, that is, to present all the certificates, accounts, and conclusions related to it experts, etc.D. Suppose that in the accident you damaged the front wing and you had to make a small body repair. You do not hide this, but how to convince the buyer that the car did not have the entire front part? This is where copies of documents from the traffic police and the invoice from the service with a detailed description of the work done are useful…

Another advice from the field of psychology to sell a car. Demonstrating the car to a potential buyer, do not give a look that this deal is important for you. It is noticed that customers are wary of impatient and fussy sellers. The best manner of behavior is detached -calm. Answer all questions politely, open the hood, show the documents, but hold on as if you, in general, are indifferent, they will buy a car today or do not buy. Then there is more chance that they will buy.


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