Installation of parking sensors in Moscow with AutoTulz

Have you ever damaged the bumper of your own or someone else’s car while trying to park in a tight space between two cars?? If yes, do you know why parking sensors are needed?. It is much cheaper than straightening, polishing and painting a car body. AutoTulz offers you the installation of rear parking sensors and front parking sensors inexpensively! Here you can buy a parking sensor and other elements of an acoustic parking system (APS) from world-class companies. AutoTulz repairs all types of parking sensors. You will be able to park your car with confidence again! We sell parking sensors, install and repair them in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. AutoTulz sells and installs parking sensors for Ford, BMW and other cars.

What is a parktronic?

This is the name of the auxiliary acoustic system, which is a sound radar (sonar) with ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance between the car and surrounding objects. These sensors are mounted in the bumper of the car, less often in its side parts. The buzzer informs about the reduction of the distance with a sound signal of different intensity. Some parking sensors are equipped with an LCD display. We install it in the cabin in front of the driver. The screen displays the distance to nearby objects, which allows the driver to navigate not only by ear, but also based on numerical data.

The composition of the parking system

In addition to the already listed sensors-emitters and indication systems (display for visual and buzzer for acoustic), APS includes an electronic unit. It measures the distance between the car and nearby objects by how long the time elapsed between the sending of an ultrasonic signal and the perception of its reflection by the sensors.

Varieties of parking sensors

Acoustic parking systems differ mainly in what part of the body their ultrasonic sensors crash into. The simplest parking sensors have only 2 sensors, both of which are located in the rear bumper. Turning on the reverse gear, you activate a similar system. In more complex rear parking sensors – about four sensors. The next most effective are combined parking systems, in which 2 to 4 sensors are also embedded in the front bumper. They are activated when braking. The most complex parking sensors – with a large number of sensors in the bumpers and with emitters on the sides. The more ultrasonic sensors, the less “dead zones” inaccessible to them.

Parktronic repair

AutoTulz repairs electronic units, replaces elements of the auxiliary parking system, including the installation and dismantling of sensors. Installation of parking sensors and its repair from AutoTulz – efficiently and quickly! We will help you find the right parking system for your car at a low price. Classic family modern car, . Look at the site