Installation of wall sandwich panels »Features, main stages

Competent installation of wall sandwich panels involves their installation either in a vertical or horizontal position. In the first case, the work begins from the corner, with the product, the emphasis of which is planned to be made in the joint. In the second – from the base and further in the direction upward. If you observe everything that is described below, then no deviations (even the slightest) in the size will be present.


Horizontal styling can only be done with a groove down. This is the only way to ensure free drainage of water during a thaw or rain.

At the very beginning of the beginning, the first panel raises with the subsequent installation to the place provided for by the pre-designed project. Further, it is very important to control the flatness of the surface of the wall and the verticality of the installed product. If everything is in order, then this means that the first is the most important – the step is taken in the right direction. And it will certainly affect the result of subsequent actions and the final result.

После установки на место крепление стеновых сэндвич-панелей выполняется с применением саморезов. After it comes the turn of upset. It is very important to monitor the integrity of the panel, as well as the vertical of the design and geometric dimensions (after installing the third model in the account).

Installation of all subsequent products is no different.

Stages of the process

Before starting installation, preliminary work is carried out. In particular, project documentation is being developed. It contains information regarding the layout and specification schemes of the panels, drawings of fasteners, installation guide, a statement of accounting for materials, a detailed description of the method of fastening wall sandwich panels, instructions for the safety of the work of conducting work.

The development of the project should be carried out exclusively by the specialized organization. Только опытные специалисты знают, что кроме упомянутых моментов необходимо учесть погодные условия, рассмотреть возможность нанесения антикоррозийного покрытия каркаса и герметизации соединений (стыковочных).

one. Rise panels

For this purpose, special mechanisms and any available equipment are used, namely:

captures inserted directly into the panels of the panels;

a vacuum -type suction cup (in this case, you need to remove the protective film from the places where the traverse will be attached);

captures, drilling products of the described type through (perpendicular to facing);

Special clamps.

To eliminate the risk of falling, insurance belts are used.

2. Cutting and drilling

For cutting you need special saws and scissors. Cutting devices imply cold (!) cutting. The fact is that overheating of the metal layer can lead to a violation of anti -corrosion.

Excessive heat and sparks, very dangerous for panels, can create grinding machines and devices for plasma cutting. Therefore, they are prohibited to use. Равно как и острые предметы с целью нанесения разметки для распиловки и сверления.

3. The choice of fasteners

Depends on the type and thickness of the development and panels. In the case when the supporting structure is made of wood or metal, carbon steel screws equipped with a puck in the form of a puck are suitable. The distance from the screw to the edge of the product should not be less than 5 cm.

In the case of concrete, preliminary drilling is performed both the panel and the support structure. For fastening, special dowels will be needed.

Connecting elements can be located only at right angles. All other options are 100%marriage.

four. Supporting structures

A perfectly flat surface can be achieved if the distance between the supports is chosen as possible. Для правильного расчета требуется учитывать: вес панелей, тип и район расположения возводимого объекта, запланированное количество пролетов, нагрузку на изделия описываемого типа (давление снега, сила ветра).

5. Joints

In the locks of the panels should be connected as tightly as possible. Moreover, to a greater extent, this applies to installation in an upright position. If the object will be operated in adverse climatic conditions, then sealant (silicone) is laid in the keyboard grooves. In the case of freezers, it is laid in both castles: external and internal.

Seam seal is carried out using mineral wool. However, a conventional mounting foam is also suitable for panels with polystyrene.

General recommendations

The rules for installation and care for the described products are as follows:

Installation can be carried out in any weather (the exception is the days in which the temperature differs from the sealant recommended by the manufacturer);

It is better not to install panels with mineral wool in the rain;

breaks in the work are allowed, but only if you mandatory to fix each panel with screws in sufficient quantities;

следует исключить малейшую вероятность нанесения ударов панелям: не только при установке, но и в ходе эксплуатации. About once a year, the object must be inspected for damage to the surface and fasteners;

You can clean the panels with a soft brush and soap solution. Aggressive detergents and cleaners are prohibited to use.

Finally, in no case should you be attached to the panels of the stairs or partitions. For these purposes, supporting structures should be used.

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